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Trakia University was founded after the merger of two medical institutions which has made it one of the foremost medical schools in Europe. TU offers some of the most advanced and wide-reaching study programme opportunities worldwide with over 600 lecturers and tutors. Students are consistently drawn to TU for the exceptional modern facilities, medical training equipment and progressive research laboratories and clinics. Learn more from real students studying at TU!

Watch the full video below and read on for profiles from three current students at TU in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Hear Medicine Students’ Stories About Study & Life at TU Bulgaria

Majid is a first-year student studying at Trakia University Stara Zagora

How have you adjusted to moving to study abroad in Europe?

Majid said that he was easily able to embrace life in Bulgaria with the services SME offers. He reflects, “Living in Stara Zagora is different from home and I have to thank SME for that. It’s very enjoyable, the city is amazing.”

How have you found studying medicine in Bulgaria?

The support from the university has made a huge difference for Majid. He says, “The course is very good, the teachers are very welcoming, friendly and helpful.”

What is the best part of studying medicine and living abroad in Stara Zagora?

There have been so many benefits to studying medicine in Stara Zagora for Majid. He says, “The best part of living in Stara Zagora is being your own man. The independence, the new things you learn every day.”

What would you say to anyone thinking of studying medicine in Bulgaria?

Majid always wanted to study medicine and he advises any interested students the following, “I would say go for it, don’t be scared and it’ll be one of the best decisions you’ll make in your life.”

Melvin is a first-year student studying at Trakia University Stara Zagora

How did SME help you with arriving in Bulgaria?

Melvin says that SME helped every step of the way from leaving his home country to setting down in Bulgaria without needing to worry about anything. He shares, “They sorted out the coach for us to arrive to the hotel.”

What is your Medicine Programme like?

Melvin shares that the programme is engaging and enjoyable. He says, We also get to do fun activities in lessons such as working with microscopes, working with cadavers included in our course which makes sure we stay fit.

What has helped you with adjusting to living in Bulgaria?

There is an adjustment to living in Bulgaria and for Melvin, the various resources available have made things easier. He describes, “The most difficult thing for me has been the language barrier and getting to learn a whole new culture but the university does provide a two-year course for Bulgarian which has definitely made things a lot easier.”

How has SME made it easier to adjust to studying medicine abroad?

Studying medicine in Europe is a dream come true for Melvin. He says, “For anyone thinking of studying medicine abroad, I’d just like to tell them to go for it and not be scared because it’s a great opportunity and I would just like to thank SME for helping me fulfill my dream.”

Adeena is a first-year student studying at Trakia University Stara Zagora

How did SME help with your study medicine abroad application?

The application process for Adeena was made very manageable with the help of SME. She says, “The application process was really easy and I received a lot of support and guidance throughout the whole process.”

How did you settle into Stara Zagora, Bulgaria?

The local SME supports made settling into Stara Zagora a lot easier for Adeena. She says, “Even though I came late I still got help with getting my sim and a good apartment and I was really scared because I thought all the good apartments would have been gone but SME have really good relations with agencies that help you get really good apartments.”

What has been the best part of studying in Bulgaria?

Adeena has had a really fantastic experience in Bulgaria. She shares, “The best part of my experience was when I came over here, I met a lot of new people. I made new friends the people in my group are very nice.”

What stands out for you about student recruitment with SME?

Adeena found that SME made her move to study medicine abroad really comfortable and positive. She says, I would definitely recommend it because my experience with SME was been very, very good and even though I arrived really late, I got help with everything I required.”
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