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Ciprian Caras – Country Manager
Mr. Caras has been with Study Medicine Europe for the past 8 years; first as a City Manager and currently as a Country Manager. His main role in the company is to oversee and manage the City Managers and to coordinate incoming students with the company’s various partner universities in the country. Ciprian’s previous work experience was in real estate. He has a BSc in Economics and Business Administration from the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University and an MSc in European Rights from the Petre Andrei University in Iasi.

Casiana Gaspar –City Manager
Mrs. Gaspar’s duties at Study Medicine Europe is to ease the transition for foreign students coming to study in Romania. She has previous work experience with various multi-national corporations in Romania. Casiana holds a Bachelor in International Business from the Romanian-American University in Bucharest.

Adrian Popescu- City Manager
Mr. Popescu has been helping students relocate to Romania with Study Medicine Europe for the past 5 years as City Manager in the city of Iasi. One of his key duties is to organize Open Days to help students meet other students and minimize the stress of moving to a different country. Adrian holds a Computer Science degree from the Romanian – American University.

Alexei Radu –City Manager
Mr. Radu’s main responsibilities include arranging for all the necessities involved with moving to a different country. He was previously involved with small to medium size enterprises before coming to Study Medicine Europe 3 years ago. Alexei holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University Babes-Bolyai in Cluj-Napoca.

Boris Stan- City Manager
Mr. Stan handles all the relocation needs for students as well as providing ongoing support. He has previous work experience with small to medium size companies in Romania. Boris has been a City Manager with Study Medicine Europe for the past 4 years. He holds a Bachelor of Trade from the Danubius University in Galati.

Pui Lionel
Pui Lionel is responsible for assisting SME´s students during their relocation to Romania and providing them support continually throughout their studies. Mr Lionel attended film studies and has experience in mass-media, client service and retail industry. For the past few years he has been working in the hospitality industry and gained valuable experience in customer management and cross-cultural work environment.
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