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Located in the northern part of the Bulgaria, Pleven is the seventh most populous city and houses one of the most established Medical Universities in Europe. SME is successful in gaining placements for students who are eager to pursue their career in the medical studies field of studies. Our students are sharing with you their experiences of what life is like in Pleven and the advantages of the medical programme.

Jenny, First-year medical student, Pleven Medical University.

Hear From Ahmed, First-year medical student, Caucasus International University.

Jenny, First-year medical student, Pleven Medical University.

How was your experience when applying with Study Medicine Europe?

Jenny was delighted with how invested SME was with her application. She says, ‘’SME was super good! They helped me translating and legalising all my documents and they submitted it to the university.’’

What is lifelike living abroad in Pleven City?

Living abroad was going to be a big move for Jenny; especially being away from home, family, and friends, but things turned out unexpectedly well. She shares, ‘’Living in Pleven is super nice. It’s a small city, so you can walk anywhere to center, to Uni and also as the city is so small you know everyone, so you quickly find friends.’’

Has your experience of studying medicine abroad lived up to your expectations?

Jenny is very happy with the way medicine is taught in Bulgaria. She highlights,‘’The course here in Pleven is super informative and it’s very individual’’, and, ‘’You have the possibility to go to the university hospitals from first semester on, so you get to know the practical stuff very quickly.’’

What advice would you give students wanting to study medicine in Bulgaria?

When it comes to sharing words of wisdom with potential students, Jenny is very enthusiastic and encouraging. She says, “I just say go for it! I am super happy here and I would recommend it!’’

Elif, First-year medical student, Pleven Medical University.

How have you felt supported by the SME team since moving to Pleven?

Elif is very happy with the support she’s been receiving by the SME local team since the day she moved to Pleven. She says about them: “They would help me with anything, their support was always on point.’’

What would be the highlights of studying medicine abroad?

For Elif, the best part of studying medicine in an international course is the multicultural aspect. She shares, ‘’People come from all kinds of places and it’s really nice to connect with them.’’

What makes studying at Pleven Medical University so rewarding?

The directness with which students and members of the faculty communicate has fascinated Elif. She says on the matter, ‘’The teachers are very helpful, whenever you have questions, you can just go to their office ask them about it or you can email them at night they will get back to you as quickly as possible and everyone is really helpful, and they care.”

Have you felt supported by the SME team since relocating?

The support from the SME team has amazed Elif, as it covers all aspects of studying abroad. She says, ‘’They would help me all the time, they would provide me with any need I have.’’

Christina, First-year medical student, Pleven Medical University

How was the process applying through SME like?

Christina really enjoyed the support and interaction she had with the SME team. She explains, ‘’My experience with SME was really good. I really enjoyed being with them because they are really supportive.’’

How did you find the support of SME with your relocation?

SME made this challenging process really enjoyable for Christina and she shares how they helped her overcome one of the most common difficulties newcomers face. She says, ‘’They helped me with talking to the landlord and helping out with the language barrier, which was really good because otherwise it would be kind of hard.’’

What are your thoughts on living abroad in Bulgaria?

Christina has been fascinated fulfilled with life in Pleven and she explains what makes the city so special. She says, ‘’It’s about living with other cultures, it’s about living with Bulgarians, it’s about a completely new experience.’’

What is there to do and see in Pleven City?

Christina is in love with the natural beauty of the city and its vibrant social life. She says, ‘’It’s a place where we have a lot of restaurants, and we have really nice parks.’’
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