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Yes, we are the only student recruiter who offers airport pick up and travel by private bus to the University town for each student, for your own and your parents’ peace of mind! We also give our students a tour around the city upon their arrival, helping them find out everything they need to know about the place.

Additionally, we offer temporary accommodation until we find a private apartment for your permanent residence abroad, if such arrangements had not been made a priority or there were snags along the way.

In some cases, our representatives may know of a bargain at hand, since we frequently deal with numerous travel agents, we may help you book and buy your flight, bus or train tickets, often at very low prices, and we may even travel along with our students or have one of our town representatives be available for come what may until they are settled in. We are there for you all the way!

Besides, it is not rare that we may even book tickets at a great price, because if we have enough students going to one University from one area, we may arrange to charter half an airplane so airlines may give us amazing group discounts! This helps you hit two birds with one stone as you get to meet your classmates and network with them and feel more comfortable once you start studying medicine abroad.

Our online platform makes everything a lot easier for you, as you can find out and arrange everything beforehand- from your relocation and flight details to special taxi prices offered exclusively to Study Medicine Europe’s students.

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