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Medical education in Ukraine is considered to be one of the best in the world. It attracts tens of thousands of foreign students each year. Graduates of Ukrainian medical universities are in high demand for their advanced knowledge and excellent practical skills. Based on the latest data, the educational potential of Ukraine has allowed it to enter the group of the top ten countries in the field of international medical education (as evidenced by current demand for higher medical education in Ukraine among citizens of other countries).

Why Study Medicine in Ukraine?

Medical universities supervised by Ukraine’s Ministry of Health offer the best value for money in the field of medical education for international students. Good facilities and a history of high-quality medical education provide the right environment for students to be moulded as accomplished doctors. Ukrainian universities are recognised by all Medical Councils as well as international organizations such as the World Health Organization, International Association of Universities, IMED (International Medical Education Directory) of FAIMER, UNESCO and AMEE. Students who have received medical degrees in Ukraine are permitted to sit for International Licensing Exams like USMLE, PLAB and others.

The Most Popular Medical Courses Among International Students in Ukraine

  • Medicine: duration of the medical course is 6 years; the degree awarded is Doctor of Medicine (MD or MBBS)
  • Dentistry: duration of the dental course is 5 years; the degree awarded is Bachelor of Dentistry (BDS)
  • Paediatrics: duration of the course is 6 years; the degree awarded is Doctor of Medicine (paediatrician)
  • Nursing: duration of the course is 2 years; the degree awarded is Bachelor of Nursing
  • Orthopaedic Dentistry: duration of the course is 2 years; the degree awarded is Bachelor of Dental Orthopaedic
  • Post-graduate Studies: duration of the study is 2 to 3 years

Medical Studies in Ukraine

Upon completion of this 6-year course, students are awarded a “Doctor of Medicine” (MD) degree. Admission to the course commences after a contract is duly signed between the student and university. Fees for international students are denominated in USD and remain the same for the duration of the contract.

For international students, the language of instruction is English, but the programme is also offered in Russian/Ukrainian for local candidates. Candidates studying in the English language are given language classes for the first two years, so that they may become proficient in the local language. This will enable them to converse with the patients and for everyday use.

The curriculum is approved by Ukraine’s Ministries of Education and of Public Health. Students are divided into small groups of 6 to 10 people. Due to the small size of the student groups, individual attention is possible for each student. For the first two years, students are taught in class. In the 2nd year, students are also taught on clinical subjects and are given clinical training in hospitals for the purpose of accumulating practical experience. Each class session is graded. There are internal examinations to be passed.

The student must pass every year in order to graduate. In addition to the university’s internal examinations, the student has to pass a State Test (external examination) before graduating the 3rd and 6th years of education called “Krok 1” (Step 1) and “Krok 2” (Step 2). In their final year, the student is tested on their practical proficiency in clinical discipline at the patient’s bedside (practical test) and on scientific and theoretical proficiency (Theoretical test). Both tests must be passed in order to graduate.

Following graduation, the student can practice or enrol in over 20 specialisations offered by the university such as cardiology, clinical medicine, oncology, radiology, public health etc.

Dental Studies in Ukraine

Dentistry courses in Ukraine teach basic medical and biological knowledge as well as the clinical disciplines of dentistry. Upon completion of the five-year course, graduates are awarded the “Diploma of a Doctor” or the degree of BDS. Students are taught theoretical and clinical disciplines such as therapeutic and orthopaedic stomatology. The departments have plenty of specialised locales and are well-equipped in terms of equipment, teaching aids etc. Students study the principal problems of dentistry: dental caries, periodontitis and diseases of the mucous membrane in the mouth cavity. The faculty optimises the educational process to ensure that it incorporates a creative approach to professional activity. Ukrainian universities also offer further training in the form of postgraduate courses and clinical training.

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