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When students relocate to Serbia for their medicine programme, they will have a range of options for accommodation. Accordingly they can affordably choose living arrangements that align with their study and personal needs. Whether students are studying in the capital city of Belgrade or in a smaller city, they have a range of choices for accommodation.

What Accommodation Options are there for Students that Study Medicine in Serbia

Serbian Medical Universities have their own student accommodation designed to place a minimum burden on your finances. Due to limited space and with Serbian students receiving priority placement. It is far more common for foreign students to rent or share a flat near the University.

Study Medicine in Serbia and Live in Private Accommodation

Housing in Serbia is already very affordable. Therefore many international students choose private accommodation such as a one-person apartment or sharing a house with other students. Altogether living arrangements are straightforward though students must uphold all Serbian government rental guidelines.

Legal Accommodation Paperwork Requirements for Medicine Students in Serbia

Students renting accommodation in Serbia must complete relevant rental paperwork. When this paperwork is completed, this creates a legal agreement for the rental. Furthermore this legal documentation can be used for their Residence Permit and other Serbian official departments.

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