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Universities to Study Graduate Entry Medicine in English
+ What is a 4-Year Graduate Entry Medicine?
  • Study graduate entry medicine in Georgia with the 4-Year Graduate Entry Medicine Programme.
  • New Vision University (NVU) and Georgian National University (SEU) welcome graduates to the 4-Year Graduate Entry Medicine Programme who have a science-related Bachelor’s Degree (BSc) such as Biomedical Science.
  • The programme commences in the third year of the 6-Year Undergraduate Medicine Programmes at each Georgian university.
  • Students submit analytical academic transcripts with application documents and do not sit exams.
  • The graduate entry medical programme enables students to accelerate their medical degree, is taught in English and graduates hold world-class qualifications.
  • At New Vision University, part of the course can be offered online.
  • Studying at New Vision University, you have the opportunity to complete the clinical years at hospitals in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and Australia, upon availability.
  • A few Georgian Medical Schools offer several funding options available in the form of Student Loans and Scholarships.
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+ How is the Online Personalised Study Programme Offered?
  • Students at New Vision University, Georgia can receive flexible learning to suit their academic needs through the online study option.
  • The online learning option includes live-streamed classes through an interactive teaching platform, video lectures, question banks and more.
  • Students can study partially online for a 4-Year Graduate course.
  • Following online study, students progress to clinical years at hospitals in Georgia. Clinical rotations can be also organized in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada or Australia, depending on hospitals’ availability.
+ How Are Clinical Rotations in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and Australia Organised?
  • Students studying in Europe have the opportunity to complete clinical rotations for up to three years in professional medical settings outside their university campuses.
  • Offers are made after matching medical student’s preferences and offered clinical rotation in teaching hospitals and clinical facilities in the UK, Ireland, Canada, the USA and Australia.
  • In order to apply for the rotations opportunity, interested students are required to:
    • Send the name of the department and the duration of the rotation in the specified department according to the university’s study programme as well as their CV.
    • Send a confirmed application authorisation from the Professor coordinating the student’s programme.
  • Placements are offered upon availability, so an early application is required.
  • These international matched clinical rotation opportunities expand the scope of student’s clinical experience and prepare them for a global medicine career.
+ What Funding Options are Available?
Student Loans
  • New Vision University, Georgia is offering student loans through local Georgian banks.
  • The student loans cover half of the annual tuition fees over the course of one full academic year.
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  • In 2022, 45 scholarships that cover 50% of the annual tuition fees are offered through SME.
  • Extra scholarships covering 25% of the academic year’s tuition fees are offered every year to New Vision University students.
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+ What are the Graduate Entry Requirements?
  • Graduate Entry Programmes are available to graduates with a Bachelor’s qualification.
  • Successful Graduate Entry applicants do not sit for entrance exams.
  • Applicants will need to supply an academic transcript of their Bachelor’s Qualification (or related) in addition to the application documents.
+ Why Study Graduate Entry Medicine in Europe?
  • Europe’s universities are renowned for their established schools of medicine and medical faculties.
  • Tenured and research teaching professionals are attracted to these universities to be at the forefront of medical academic and practice.
  • These universities offer a fantastic learning pathway for international students to study medicine abroad in Europe and graduate with excellent qualifications.
  • All universities offer an international qualification enabling students to live and work all around the world.
  • All qualifications are highly regarded from European universities dedicated to the European Union curriculum for pre-clinical and clinical study modules.
  • Graduate medicine in Europe is an accelerated study opportunity and students are highly sought after, connect with a well-regarded professional network, and their training prepares them to practise medicine at a high level.
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