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Why Study Graduate Entry Dentistry in Europe


Offered with BSc Degree

Tuition fees

Starting from $3,000/year


October & March


4 years

+What is Graduate Entry Dentistry?
  • 4 year graduate entry dentistry is available to candidates who already have a bachelor’s degree in a science-related area of study (e.g. pharmacy, biomedical science, nursing etc.).
  • It offers a fast-track towards obtaining a degree in dentistry that is globally recognised.
  • Graduate entry dentistry programmes allow candidates to commence studies in a later year, thereby enabling them to save time and money.
  • This is an ideal pathway into dentistry for those seeking to enhance their education and job prospects.
+Why Study Graduate Entry Dentistry in Europe?
  • European universities have some of the most respected dental schools in the world and are an excellent option for international students who want to study graduate entry dentistry abroad.
  • Upon successful completion of a graduate entry dentistry course, students will obtain an internationally-recognised degree and will be able to practice dentistry worldwide.
  • Graduate Entry programmes allow you to accelerate your dentistry degree.
  • With annual tuition fees starting from only $3,000, graduate entry dentistry programmes in Europe are a much cheaper option than in many countries.
+What Universities Offer Graduate Entry Dentistry Courses in Europe?
  • Our partner universities in Armenia and Ukraine offer accredited graduate entry dentistry programmes.
  • The University of Traditional Medicine in Yerevan, Armenia lets students enrol in the second year out of the five-year dentistry programme without taking entrance exams.
  • Kiev Medical University in Ukraine allows graduate entry students to commence their dental studies in a later year without taking entrance exams on the condition that they meet certain requirements.
+What are the Entry Requirements for Graduate Entry Dentistry in Europe?
  • Candidates who already have a bachelor’s (BSc) degree are eligible for graduate entry Dentistry.
  • Applicants will need to provide an academic transcript of their bachelor’s degree in addition to the usual admission documents.
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