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Why Study Dentistry in English at New Vision University?


No entry exams

Tuition fees

Dentistry: $3,750/year

(1st year: $5,000)

Undergraduate Entry

Dentistry: 5 Years


November & March

Living Cost


Graduate Entry

4 Years with BSc Degree

+Why Choose New Vision University?
  • New Vision University (NVU) in Tbilisi is one of the fastest developing universities in Georgia.
  • A popular choice for international students, 75% of the overall student body is made up of people from over 25 different countries.
  • NVU is renowned for its top-quality staff. It has more than 400 professors, scholars and practitioners. This low student-teacher ratio ensures optimum student success.
  • International students can get to know the local culture, lifestyle and history through the Georgian Language Club.
  • The university offers a wide range of societies and activity groups so students can throw themselves into student life and make new friends.
+What does the Dentistry programme involve?
  • The standard dentistry programme is five years in duration and is fully taught through English.
  • The programme provides students with an in-depth comprehension of all pre- and post-clinical procedures relating to dentistry.
  • Students initially focus on pre-clinical study through which they can gain an understanding of dentistry fundamentals.
  • The course then moves to clinical training, concluding with an internship and state exams.
  • Newly-qualified dentists can choose to work in Georgia or in locations across the world such as the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia etc.
  • Upon graduation, students receive a fully-accredited and globally-recognised dental degree.
+The Graduate Entry Dentistry Programme
  • If you are interested in becoming a dentist and already have a Bachelor’s (BSc) degree, you can apply for the university’s accelerated 4 year graduate entry dentistry programme.
  • Those who take the Graduate Entry pathway can commence their studies in the second year of the five-year dentistry course.
  • This is a great option for students who want to open up new career opportunities and speed up the process of becoming a qualified dentist.
  • As part of their application, candidates are required to submit analytical transcripts of courses they have already completed in addition to the other necessary admission documents.
+ How much does the programme cost?
Programme Programme Starts Annual Fees (*) ($)
Dentistry November & March 3,750(1st year: 5,000)/year
Living Costs Monthly () Annually ()
Rent (Private Accommodation) 100200 1,2002,400
Food 120 1,200
Books 150
Electricity & Gas 18 180
Water 2 20
TV Cable/Internet 8 80
Public Transportation 7 70
Total 255355 2,9004,100
*Students have to pay the full tuition in first year, but will receive a 25% discount in each of the following years if they pass all their subjects.
+Admission to New Vision University
Applicants must provide the following information:
  1. An application which includes the following details: bio, education history and course for which you are applying.
  2. A copy of your secondary education results with subjects studied.
  3. Documents from your home country confirming that you are authorised to study in Georgia.
  4. Two small photos of 4-5cm.
All documents need to be translated into Georgian to satisfy state directives.
+ Life in Tbilisi
  • A hidden gem located in the heart of Georgia, the scenic city of Tbilisi is at once thoroughly modern and rich with history.
  • Called “the most exciting city” of 2018 by Forbes Magazine, Georgia’s capital boasts a wealth of things to see and do.
  • Tbilisi’s unique character is captured in its eclectic architecture which brings together the best of European and Asian art.
  • Students will enjoy the city’s cheap and reliable public transport.
+ Life in Georgia
  • With its low cost of living and abundance of things to see and do, Georgia is an attractive option for students.
  • The beautiful countryside of Georgia remains unspoilt, and as such is a haven for adventurers and outdoor-types.
  • With its low crime rates and famously welcoming population, Georgia is a safe option for students who may be anxious about moving abroad.
  • Georgia is renowned for its delicious food, and gourmands will enjoy the country’s deep gastronomic culture.
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