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+What is the 6-Year Undergraduate Medicine Course?
  • Students study the 6-Year Undergraduate Medicine Programme at Bogomolets National Medical University (BNMU), Ukraine.
  • The BNMU undergraduate medicine programme is taught entirely in English and this established university is an international education and training institution.
  • BNMU’s medical institute is fully integrated with training programmes for Kiev Hospital and the Scientific Research Center.
  • The medicine programme is structured into three years of pre-clinical modules and three years of clinical modules.
  • The university is dedicated to experiential-learning opportunities with laboratories on-campus and off-campus with students developing skills specifically for international practise.
  • The safe and secure BNMU learning facilities prepare students for global medicine with graduates working in countries such as Canada, the United States, and Australia.
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  • Medicine programmes at Kiev Medical University (KMU), Ukraine are taught in English.
  • This is a six-year course taught over two semesters each year.
  • KMU has a progressive curriculum in line with European Union tertiary standards.
  • The course structure is split into three years of pre-clinical subjects then three years of clinical rotations and advanced theory.
  • Students study in a range of different formats comprising lectures, tutorials and classes, laboratories, practical sessions, seminars, and clinical rotations.
  • The KMU faculty are highly experienced with a focus on innovative teaching for international students.
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  • Study the 6-Year Undergraduate Medicine Programme in Ukraine at Uzhhorod National University (UzhNU).
  • This high-level course is taught in English.
  • The General Medicine programme for undergraduates comprises six years of student with each year consisting of two semesters of modules.
  • Experts and tenured medical practitioners teach the general medicine programme at UzhNU with students learning from these professionals in academic, laboratory and clinical settings.
  • The course is structured in a range of formats including in-class or pre-recorded lectures, interactive tutorials, class learning, laboratories, practical workshops, seminars, and consultations.
  • Students are qualified with an MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree that is internationally recognised with significant worldwide demand in the field of healthcare and internal medicine.
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  • Students study 6-Year Undergraduate Medicine at Sumy State University (SSU), Ukraine in English.
  • The 6-Year Undergraduate Programme is taught in small class groups of 8-10 students on average allowing for valuable teacher-student engagement.
  • The undergraduate medicine programme is structured into sequential learning for students to build upon theory and practical experience progressively.
  • Students complete clinical rotations in Ukrainian hospitals and medical clinics.
  • SSU encourages all students to join academic networks and participate in mobility programs, volunteering, summer international practice, and conferences.
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  • Zaporizhzhia State Medical University, Ukraine offers a 6-Year Undergraduate Medicine Programme.
  • This programme is highly competitive and aligns with European Union standards.
  • ZSMU teaches in English with an internationally accredited medicine programme that equips students with a global qualification.
  • Students access ZSMU’s “University Clinic” for practical classes and medical aid with the institution highly sought after for these facilities.
  • The undergraduate medicine programme attracts a high number of international students for the robust curriculum and clinical facilities.
  • Clinical subjects are taught from the third year of study with students developing experience in medical procedures in hospitals and clinics.
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+What do the SME Clinical Rotations in the UK, Ireland, Canada, USA & Australia Involve?
  • Study Medicine Europe (SME) offers the special initiative for students studying at Ukrainian universities to undertake clinical rotations for up to three years in international hospitals and medical facilities.
  • SME places students with rotations that are matched to the Ukrainian curriculum modules in professional medical settings in the UK, Ireland, Canada, USA and Australia.
  • Students applying for the clinical rotations must submit to SME:
    • Their CV and detailed preferences for placement including location, department and duration of rotation.
    • An official application authorisation from the Professor coordinating their Ukrainian programme confirming their submission.
  • SME is only able to place a limited number of students due to availability of places and matching students to the placement, therefore offers are based on order of application submission.
  • Completing an international clinical rotation is an invaluable way for students to extend their clinical skills while studying and broaden their knowledge in dynamic settings.
+What Universities Offer Medicine in Ukraine
  • Bogomolets National Medical University (BNMU) is in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine.
  • The university was founded in 1840 and has an extensive history as one of the foremost medical training facilities in Ukraine attracting many expert Ukrainian medicine professionals and academics.
  • BNMU has 10,000 students training in medicine, including 1,300 international students from over 50 countries.
  • The teaching and research faculty of BNMU work across 10 faculties with over 1,200 teaching staff.
  • The university is well integrated into the European medical, educational, and scientific community which offers students significant exposure to leading working medical professionals.
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  • Kiev Medical University is the most prestigious medical education institution in Kiev.
  • The university operates 22 health faculties with 500 faculty members and students from 62 countries.
  • The university spares no effort in keeping pace with the latest international developments in medical education.
  • Students have many opportunities to make use of the university’s many international connections by participating in exchange programs, conferences, and other scientific projects.
  • Kiev Medical University is conveniently situated in the heart of Kiev, the lively and historical capital city of Ukraine.
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  • Uzhhorod National University (UzhNU) is located in the regional city of Uzhhorod in Western Ukraine near the borders of Slovakia and Hungary.
  • It is one of the leading public universities in Ukraine and has a strong legacy of academia since its founding in 1945.
  • UzhNU is attended by approximately 13,000 students with extensive programs for foreign students and international study opportunities taught in English.
  • This comprehensive university has a strong performance history with 20 faculties and a culture of excellence which is reflected in its motto, “The more we know – the more we can”.
  • UzhNU is a leading destination for academics and is considered a hub for research institutes, centers, and laboratories.
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  • Sumy State University (SSU) is in Sumy city in the North-East of Ukraine.
  • It is attended by roughly 16,000 students of which 1,300 are foreign. The university is well-known for its lively international student community.
  • According to the university rankings sites Webometrics, U-Multirank and uniRank, SSU is one of the top Ukrainian universities.
  • The university boasts about 200 international partners.
  • Home to almost 100 sports clubs, SSU students enjoy excellent sporting facilities.
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  • Zaporizhzhia State Medical University (ZSMU) is a leader in the field of medical education and innovation in Ukraine.
  • The university has a prestigious English-language medical programme which is fully-accredited and globally-recognised.
  • ZSMU is well-regarded for its international programmes. Currently, there are over 2,200 international students from roughly 40 countries.
  • The university is also one of very few in Ukraine to boast its own University Clinic.
  • Students of ZSMU can enjoy an excellent university experience with its lively social life as and top-notch sports facilities.
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+What are the Undergraduate Entry Requirements?
  • Prospective medical and dental students from all over the world can apply for programmes in medicine and dentistry taught entirely in English.
  • Candidates are not required to sit entrance exams and must complete application documents for the following:
    1. An application which includes the following details: bio, education history and course for which you are applying.
    2. A copy of your secondary education results with subjects studied.
    3. Documents from your home country confirming that you are authorised to study overseas
    4. Two small photos of 4-5cm.
+Is Graduate Entry Offered?
  • There is no graduate entry in Ukraine since local medical universities do not recognise non-Ukrainian Bachelor’s degrees due to the major differences between the curriculum of medicine and the foreign BSc degree. So, Ukrainian medical transcripts cannot include modules studied in a BSc degree.
+Why Study Medicine in Ukraine?
  • Ukrainian universities are renowned for their academic history and contemporary teaching.
  • Ukraine offers students a vibrant learning environment for tertiary studies in undergraduate and graduate entry medicine.
  • In both cities and regional areas, the country attracts visitors for its unique landscape, history, and traditional cuisine.
  • Ukrainian people are known for their hospitality with students able to learn more about culture and language while enjoying a pleasant lifestyle.
+Is Online Study Offered?
  • Those wishing to study medicine at a local medical university must relocate to Ukraine because online learning is not permitted for any medicine programmes according to Paragraph 3 of Order, No 1541 of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
  • Online studying is not recognised by any of the world’s Medical Councils.
  • In the UK, the General Medical Council (GMC), requires the following for international medicine:
    • A minimum of 5,500 Clock Hours.
    • Clock hours consist only of Lectures, Tutorials (Seminars) and Clinical Training.
    • This does not include Distance Learning, Exams or Individual Work.
  • In the US, the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG):
    • Approves medical schools that have a physical campus, and
    • Whose main educational operations are conducted in the country of registration
  • When medical graduates apply for registration, all Medical Councils assess the evidence of studies, including online study:
    • Students should have evidence and exemption documentation ready for online studies completed during Covid-19 if a formal explanation is asked for.
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