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Information availability for undergraduate/graduate study

Ensuring every student is informed and prepared for the tertiary studies they are considering is a key part of our support services.

As part of our academic counseling, we offer a wide range of student information packages that provide in-depth information on each and every University we are affiliated with, besides information on the cities and countries these universities are located in, be it related to the academic undergraduate/graduate programme, the campus, accommodation, living expenses, lifestyle, tourist attractions, safety, or miscellaneous facts and figures. Overall, the information availability is designed to promote academic success from the outset of each student’s undergraduate/graduate study.

In cooperation with the Universities and Faculties we represent, our experienced academic advisors have produced a comprehensive range of information available to assist with choosing a medicine programme. These student information resources include brochures, flyers, leaflets, pamphlets and University fact sheets, including tuition, student loans and accommodation, tailored to your needs.

Tailored solutions for academic success

As part of our student services during the Applying process, Study Medicine Europe works with each student and their family on an individual basis, to find solutions tailored to your academic goals. As part of this tailoring process, SME provides information as well as discussing with you the entrance requirements, the university fees and hidden costs of living expenses, for your tertiary studies. These services are designed to keep you informed in a clear and concise manner in conjunction with providing printed resources, to ensure you and your family are supported from the outset of applications onwards.

This practice of Academic Counselling is based around multifaceted consultation to suit you as an individual, therefore it’s not just printed documents and brochures.

To maximise your academic prospects, our services incorporate real Academic Counseling and we also Assess your Qualifications.

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