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Study Medicine Europe is a medical education recruiter who has been working for over 10 years to connect students with the medical programme of their dreams! SME represents and is an affiliate of European and British universities which in turns places them in an unparalleled position to support students with applying for medical programmes. From there, their expert guidance extends into helping students move abroad, settle into student and university life, and delivering pre-graduation and post-graduation services. The quality of their services and the positive experiences of students who selected SME as their medical recruiter of choice is shared in these testimonial and review videos.

Studying Medicine In Europe Is A Reality That Can Be Yours

Every student who uses SME’s services is on a journey towards practising medicine. In these review videos for 2018, you will hear about the personal experiences of each student as they pursue training and a career working internationally as a doctor:

Student Journeys To European Medical Schools With Study Medicine Europe

Every student has their own story to tell and they are all here to share with you how they benefited from SME’s dedicated, no-fuss, no-scam services. Hear from students in the selection of videos below and find out more about the extraordinary range of study opportunities available when SME helps you with your medicine programme applications.

Study medicine with the SME medical education recruitment service – not a scam

Study Medicine Europe has been a major contributor to the positive experiences of medical students for over 10 years. Medical alumni all over the world have had the support of SME as they set out for their undergraduate or graduate programme at one of the many affiliated or represented universities. With professional advice, translation and verification services, academic and tuition resources, SME is genuinely there for students from before they start medical studies and well after graduation. As a reputable, no scam organisation, all aspects of their expert operations deliver high quality outcomes where the student is the priority.

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