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Plovdiv Medical University is a combined institution with four schools consisting Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Healthcare. The programs in this university are thought in English. The university also takes pride in employing highly trained professors together with deputy and assistant professors. The student reviews gives an opportunity to learn and know first-hand experiences of medical students studying medicine in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Watch the full video below and read on for profiles from three current students at PMU in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Hear Medicine Students’ Stories About Study & Life at PMU Bulgaria

Ina is a first-year student studying at Plovdiv Medical University

How did you come across SME?

Ina explained that she was doing an online research on how to study medicine overseas and she came across SME website where she sent SME and email. Ina said “I was looking up online how to study medicine abroad and the first thing that came up was SME and send them an email asking them about the whole application process.”

How was your relocation process to Plovdiv, Bulgaria?

Ina said the relocation process went very smoothly with all the required information and dates and soon as the university sent the acceptance letter. “The relocation process went really smoothly. As soon as the university came out with its results we got an acceptance letter followed by an email from SME telling us about our next briefing and then our next flight.”

How did SME assisted during your relocation process in Plovdiv, Bulgaria?

A conference was setup when Ina initially arrived Plovdiv which guided her through the registration process. Ina said “There we had our first conference telling us about our next couple of days and how we were going to register. Everything else is so smooth, SME really helped with everything so I really can’t say much.”

Which was your best experience during your medical course in Plovdiv, Bulgaria?

Ina enjoyed studying medicine in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and he best experience was studying Anatomy where she had opportunities to work on cadavers which were available in the universities. Ina says “I love Anatomy especially due to the fact that we have to use cadavers which is quite interesting.”

What was your best experience studying in Plovdiv, Bulgaria?

To Ina her best experience overall was the opportunity to meet new people in Bulgaria. Ina says “I think the best part of the experience is getting to meet new people prior to coming to Bulgaria.”

What else about your experience in Plovdiv you would like to share?

Ina encourages not to be afraid to apply via SME to study medicine in Plovdiv Bulgaria and it is an overall great experience while being able to meet new people and learn new cultures. Ina shares “Don’t be scared about it. I knew that when I first message SME I was like do I really want to do this but coming here meeting all these people. So many international students and we get to see so many different type of cultures.”

Rhia is a first-year student studying at Plovdiv Medical University

How was your application process with SME for Plovdiv, Bulgaria?

Rhia was given access to an online portal as she submitted her application and the online portal had all the important information she required for their application process into a medical university in Plovdiv Bulgaria. Rhia explains “I got access to a portal online and it gave us pre-departure information and after departure information.”

How was your experience when first arriving in Plovdiv, Bulgaria?

Rhia mentioned that she was assigned a city manager who assisted in getting her sim card, bank accounts and also showed her around the city of Plovdiv. Rhia said “They also set us up with a city manager who helped us find us sim cards for our phones, bank accounts and they provided a city tour of Plovdiv. SME, they really helped me settle and adapt to student life.”

How was it like living in Plovdiv, Bulgaria?

Rhia stated that everything was nearby to the university with almost all that is required to be within two minutes. Rhia explains “We’re only two minutes away from the University. The culture and all the exciting areas are here.”

What will you like to share to people who are interested to study medicine in Europe?

Rhia mentioned that SME indeed will help new students with opportunities to achieve their dreams studying medicine in Europe. Rhia said “SME will provide you with the opportunity to achieve your goal and pursue your.”

Awais is a first-year student studying at Plovdiv Medical University

How did SME help with the registration into Plovdiv Medical University?

According to Awais SME knew exactly what was required and informed him to send the precise documentation for the registration process. Awais said “They told me exactly what I needed so I sent all my documents to them.”

How was your relocating experience in Plovdiv, Bulgaria?

SME picked Awais up from the airport and took him to the hotel where he met real estate agents that helped him find an apartment in Plovdiv during the registration process on their first few days arriving in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Awais shares “They picked us up at the airport and they took us to the hotel. After the registration process SME sent in an estate agent in which they helped us look for an apartment.”

What was your experience like living as a medical student in Plovdiv, Bulgaria?

According to Awais, Plovdiv is an amazing city with low living cost and is vibrant at the same time with lots of local culture. Awais says “The city is amazing because it’s quite vibrant, everything is local, quite affordable and the lifestyle is just generally quite relaxing here.”

What was the most difficult experience moving into Plovdiv, Bulgaria?

Awais found it very difficult being away from family when he first moved to Plovdiv for medicine studies. Awais says “The most difficult part of the process was moving away from family.”

What was your overall experience applying for medical studies via SME?

It definitely was a little daunting for Awais when applying for medical studies abroad via SME but Awais also said that SME definitely played a role in achieving his dream. Awais shares “It may seem scary at first but SME helped my dream come true. Go for it follow your dream.”

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