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Scholarships are an important way for students to experience financial gains for the medicine programmes and a goal to work towards. Many universities award scholarships with criteria around individual academic achievements and students would benefit from familiarising themselves with these opportunities.

Why Scholarships are Beneficial for Medical Students in Serbia

Serbian Medical Universities are part of the ERASMUS exchange program that grants students a scholarship for one year of studies and pays for tuition and assists in living costs. At the end of one year of studies, students will be able to reapply for another year.

Available Scholarships in Serbia

Scholarships for medical universities in Serbia are dependent on each medical school. Therefore students should review their options according to the university’s communications.

Students will also have the opportunity to win a scholarship by attending any one of Study Medicine Europe’s Open Days. Contact a Study Medicine Europe representative today to learn more. SME representatives can provide information for students regarding some scholarships and how financial planning for studying and living in Serbia.

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