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Supportive student services for university applications and medicine studies

Study Medicine Europe facilitates dynamic assistance and counselling to existing and prospective students from the moment students connect with us. We stay connected with each individual student meaning both academic success and personal wellbeing is actively promoted.

A key contributing factor to individual success is feeling at home and part of every area of tertiary studies and student life. Occasionally, once students are all settled in and have delved into their medicine programme and community, there may arise little snags or hurdles that need to be dealt with. Our SME student representatives are always at hand to provide student support and work to nurture positive outcomes whether a student requires tutoring or another kind of support.

Academic success with undergraduate/graduate student university support

Study Medicine Europe offers many tiers of student support as we understand that every person is different with each person having varying and changing needs on the journey.

A core offering for student support is the annual meeting for students enrolled in a medicine programme through SME. Every year, as part of our 6-year support provided to our students, this meeting is open for you to socialise as well as address possible concerns, be these related to a range of topics or needs.

Some examples could be tied to accommodation or the medicine programme itself. In addition, we may offer extra material and notes for your University courses, and senior students exchange experiences, and studying tips.

Even with individual satisfaction with their tertiary studies, the annual meeting is an invaluable opportunity for students to seek support while enjoying time with their peers. Additionally, students can comfortably talk with SME representatives about their experiences. Our team always values this meeting for the chance to meet with students, provide support, and learn more about their progress, plus gain feedback to improve the quality of our services.

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