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+1. What is the application process like for studying medicine, dentistry and/or veterinary medicine in Bulgarian or Romanian Medical Universities?

Once you complete our simple online application form, we will contact you to provide us with the admission documents for submission to our Partner Medical University before we send you the provisional acceptance document. If there is an entrance test requirement, we will make arrangements for this to take place either at the capital of your country or at the Medical University you have applied for.

+2. What are the academic requirements for studying medicine, dentistry and/or veterinary medicine in Bulgarian or Romanian Medical Universities?

The academic requirements of Bulgarian and Romanian Medical Universities vary, but all Universities require that all candidates have completed 12 years of secondary education and be fluent in English.

+3. If I have low marks in my secondary school certificate, can I still be accepted to a Medical University in Bulgaria or Romania?

Yes, Study Medical Europe is the only student recruiter globally which can guarantee your place into the most affordable Medical Universities in Europe located in the countries of Bulgaria and Romania. The fact that we officially represent each of these Medical Universities via written agreements with the respective Rector alongside with our years of experience in dealing with special cases of European and Non-European students make us the indisputable leader in medical student recruitment. It is for this reason that we are in the position to secure your entry after careful assessment of your qualifications and discussing your options with you. In any case, should we fail to secure a place for you, we will fully refund you.

+4. When is the deadline for applying at a Bulgarian or Romanian University Medical School?

The official deadline for applying at a Bulgarian or Romanian Medical University is usually around mid-September, but we always accept applications until the end of September, as we are continuously updated by all Partner Medical Universities we represent with any free positions that usually turn up at the last minute, so you should always consult with us regardless of the date. Of course, applying early is always best.

+5. Can you put into motion my application process in case I am missing any admission documents that will take time for me to get?

Yes, we can still start your application in order to reserve your place at our Partner Medical Universities before we submit the remaining necessary admission documents, although acceptance will likely be provisional until we have these documents.

+6. Can I apply for medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine for the spring admission of a Bulgarian or Romania Medical University?

Spring admission is only available for medicine and dentistry programs and the application process commences in February. There is no difference at all between the two admission periods and the programmes they accept students for, besides programme start date (curriculum, entrance requirements, exams, etc).

+7. Will I need to take an entrance exam to secure a place at a Bulgarian or Romanian Medical University?

Not all the Medial Universities we represent have an entrance test. It is up to you to opt for one of the Partner Universities we represent, if it seems right for you. Be it with or without entrance exams from our partner University list, we will help you achieve your goals all the way, as we offer preparatory courses for all such prerequisite entrance exams.

+8. In case I have to pass an entrance test at a Bulgarian or Romanian Medical University, do you offer any preparation courses?

Yes, we provide to our candidates preparatory courses and past examination papers as well as notes.

+9. If there is an entrance test for entry at a Bulgarian or Romanian Medical University, how long does it usually take to receive the results?

The results of the test are immediately available after completing the test.

+10. Is there any interview as part of the admission process for getting accepted at the Bulgarian or Romanian Medical Universities?

Usually there is no interview as decisions are made solely based on the strength of the admission documents and, if applicable, the results of the entrance test(s). We take care of all this for you.

+11. What is the minimum level of English proficiency required for students whose first language is not English?

The minimum required level of competency in English is B1 or B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, depending on the Medical University you wish to apply to, and you should have received assessment by a recognised English test centre or English Language Assessment Organisation, otherwise you must take an English test organized by the respective University.

+12. Is there any age restriction for applicants of Bulgarian or Romanian University Medical Schools?

There are no age restrictions as any student over the age of 18 can apply to study medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine.

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