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The leading medical university in Georgia is New Vision University. Students from all over the world including Australia and Canada seek SME’s services to apply and gain a placement at the university. Learn from students who have relocated to the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi with these testimonial reviews about their experiences studying abroad in this beautiful country!

Zainab, First-year dentistry student, Kiev Medical University.

Hear From Zainab, First-year dentistry student, Kiev Medical University.

Zainab First-year dentistry student, Kiev Medical University.

How was your application process with SME?

Zainab was thrilled with the support she received from the SME team. She elaborates, ‘’SME have been very supportive; they were always just one phone call away. Once you have applied online you get a call from one of the recruiters and they will tell you all that you need to do.’’

What is it like living away from home and in another country?

Moving to Kiev has been exciting for Zainab. She tells us, ‘’Living in Kiev is amazing. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, so I am very close to the local shops, many entertainments.’’

What is your medical programme like?

Zainab shares how her medical programme has been engaging. She says, ‘’I’ve been studying Dentistryhere in Kiev Medical University and it’s been amazing.’’

What is the best part of moving and studying abroad in Kiev?

There’s much more to studying abroad than the educational aspect for Zainab. She says, ‘’The best part about moving to Kiev is finding myself, finding my confidence and my independence.’’

Iman, First-year medical student, Kiev Medical University

What stood out for you when applying through Study Medicine Europe?

Iman found that applying through SME was the best decision she could have made. She says, ‘’From the moment I started my SME process I had a really, really good support system from the staff. I was able to email, call and text back in the UK.’’

How did the local SME assist with settling into your new home and city?

Iman had an amazing experience with our local SME team and how they helped her every step of the way. She shares, ‘’I’m really, happy and the country manager was a phone call away.’’

What is your KMU university programme like?

The Medical course of Kiev Medical University exceeded Iman’s expectations. She says, ‘’I’m a medical student at KMU and the course is all in English, the teachers are really helpful and supportive.”

What is the SME & student community like at Kiev University?

The SME local team makes every effort to get new students acquainted and involved with other members of the student community early on. She shares, ‘’We got here as a group and we did everything as a group, so there was a really good support system in place, like with the people I came with and the people who work for SME.

Ashling, First-year medical student, Kiev Medical University

What was the best experience about moving to a city like Kiev?

Kiev is a city that Ashling is thoroughly enjoying. She says, ‘’People here are lovely and it’s so beautiful, it’s like a breath of fresh air.’’

What do you enjoy about your course at KMU?

According to Ashling the best part of studying at KMU is that the international course lives up to its name. She shares ‘’Studying medicine in Kiev Medical University is amazing, the course is in English, so it is not that hard to understand.’’

What is your advice for anyone wanting to study medicine abroad?

Ashling has an encouraging message for anyone wanting to pursue a medical career and study abroad, stating, ‘’I would say, just take the risk and do it.’’

How would you describe the application process with Study Medicine Europe?

SME made the application process very really straight-forward for Ashling. She shares, ‘’The whole application part was very simple, SME helped me a lot with it.‘’
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