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What is Graduate Entry?

Graduate entry is the process of using your existing academic and professional qualifications to enrol into an undergraduate medical programme in the middle of the course. It is important to differentiate between “graduate entry” and “postgraduate entry” the latter being what doctors and qualified medical professionals undertake. Being able to enrol in the middle of a medical program takes away the added stress and time spent on extra examinations for courses you are qualified for as well as making you exempt from potentially difficult entrance examinations.

Who May Be Eligible for Graduate Entry?

From time to time medical professionals may feel the need to improve their qualifications in order to pursue a better career. Students who have graduated in a medicine-related field such as pharmacy, biomedical studies, nursing, etc. may want to apply for graduate entry in a medical or dental school in order to accelerate the process of obtaining a medical degree.

Applying for Graduate Entry in Serbia

Graduate entry is usually very competitive and very difficult. The application process is unique for every school and can have complicated requirements for documents proving your qualifications and eligibility.

Graduate Entry Opportunities in Europe

Serbian Universities do not offer graduate entry at the moment. However, universities in Georgia do offer graduate entry for both medical and dental programmes. If you are interested in graduate entry, please get in touch with our expert team today.

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