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The standard of living in Georgia is getting closer to European, but accommodation, food, transport and leisure are relatively un-expensive compared to many other countries, that’s why Georgia, differentiates itself with low living costs. For instance Costs of living in Tbilisi are in the least expensive 10 percent of cities and average living expenses are significantly lower then other cities, also we have to consider that the cost of living in the city centre is higher as compared to living outside the city centre. That’s why international students tend to come to Georgia for high quality graduate studies.

In addition to tuition fees and housing costs, around 226306 GBP per month is required to meet expenditures on food, transportation, cell phone and other personal needs adding up to 24603420 GBP per year (includes ground transportation, food, bills, etc.).

Table below illustrates some sample prices:

Living CostsMonthly (£)Annually (£)
Cable TV/Internet880
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