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+1. What are the tuition fees for studying medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine at Armenian, Georgian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Romanian or Bulgarian Universities?

The tuition fees of Armenian, Georgian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Romanian or Bulgarian Universities are the lowest, not only in Europe, but in the world. The annual tuition fees for undergraduate studies in medicine and dentistry range between £4,000 to £7,000 and in veterinary medicine they start from £3,800. Annual tuition fees for Postgraduate studies (medical specialization/specialty) are between £2,920 and £5,621 depending on the taught programme of your choice.

+2. What is the cost of living in Armenian, Georgian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Romanian or Bulgarian?

While these countries have strong economies, the wages are much lower compared to the rest of Europe. For example, when compared to life in London, life in Bulgaria is extremely cheap. However, this doesn’t mean that there is any difference at all in services or the quality of education; quite the contrary. Specifically, the cost of living in Armenia, Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine, Romania or Bulgaria is about 1/3 that of that in Western European countries. The average monthly cost of living, including rent in private accommodation, utility bills, internet access, cable TV, food, books, travel and spending, amounts to approximately £365.

+3. Should the annual tuition fees be paid upfront or in instalments?

Usually, you can pay the tuition fees in 2 or 3 instalments throughout the year, or upfront should you desire to do so.

+4. Are the annual tuition fees subject to changes during all the year of studies?

Although tuition fees might slightly change from year to year, the fees quoted at the beginning of programme in the academic calendar will remain the same for the whole duration of your program.

+5. What does it cost for getting the services of Study Medicine Europe?

We work with each student on an individual basis, finding solutions to a wide variety of requests and providing a great many services that range greatly from person to person. Please contact us to discuss thoroughly with you our services and the fees we charge. We are affordable.

+6. Will I get refunded if I fail to enter the University?

Study Medicine Europe guarantees your entry at one of our Partner Medical Universities we represent. We pride ourselves on offering a guaranteed entry, and this is why our student recruiting office is the only that can straightforwardly guarantee a full deposit refund in case we fail to secure your place at one of our Partner Universities. Therefore, yes, we fully refund your deposit in case we fail to get you a relevant Acceptance Letter, even if we have spent this money to cover all your initial costs (application fees, translation of documents, entrance test fees, etc).

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