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Have you long held a professional dream of studying medicine? To begin the journey, your partner is the expert recruiters in medical education: Study Medicine Europe. Not only is SME the number one medical recruiter for Europe and the UK but also the Caribbean Islands. Regardless of if you’re from the British Isles or located internationally, SME services support students from application to graduation.

Why Studying Medicine In Europe In Greece Is The Right Choice

For almost two decades, SME has consistently delivered exceptional education services for students pursuing medical training. As one of the most established medical recruiters for Europe, the UK, and the Caribbean Islands, SME has business integrity. Accordingly their ongoing partnerships in addition to new agreements with medical schools across the Northern Hemisphere support tertiary education. Due to their specialist services and education recruitment track record SME is the go-to for European universities — especially Greece. Greek medical universities have centuries of history in training generations of medical doctors. Altogether the medical student experience, learning environment, programme curriculum, and multicultural faculty delivers world-class training in an unparalleled setting. Since SME has exclusive partnerships with medical schools in Greece, they provide entirely superior guidance, ground support, and programme services. Whether for responding with needs-based recommendations and information packages or bi-monthly checkins, personalised care is offered to students. Therefore students can explain their needs, be heard, and receive continuous support designed for them so they’re thriving while studying. As an ongoing priority, SME services have been developed and proven to approach medical education as a multifaceted journey. Once students contact SME, their goals, studies, and experience are incorporated so they maximise their time studying medicine in Greece.

Hear Real Testimonials From 2022 Medical Students Studying Medicine In Greece

As innovative specialists in medical education in Greece, SME’s knowledge of programmes and each university is well-established. Hence their services meet student requirements for navigating universities, applications, moving abroad for study, and adjusting to life in Greece. When their recommendations and pathway proposals are put forward to students, all information is accurate, personalised, and considers individual objectives.

SME offers services to students interested in studying at leading universities in Greece:

Delve into key information about medicine programmes in Greece including their Undergraduate Medicine courses.

Testimonial Accounts About The Greece Medical School Pathway With Study Medicine Europe

Obviously SME is at the forefront of modern medical training and international study networks. With almost 20 years in their application, counselling, recruiting, and networking, SME have facilitated the medical career journey of thousands. In reality, students benefit from this expertise in all areas of their medical school studies. SME’s team is diverse and insightful, highly qualified, engaged in student wellbeing, and local personnel care for students throughout studies. Because SME understands the personalised services students need, every candidate enrolled in medicine in Greek universities can independently access support. Discover how these students receive assistance during their relocation to Greece or finding online resources via the review video below.

Hear About Student Life at University of Belgrade in Belgrade, Greece:

Why Study Medicine In Greece

There are truly countless reasons for international students to choose to study medicine in Greece. After all, the heritage of medical studies in Greek universities and clinical institutions is the foundation of modern medicine. Thus students can anticipate a positive learning environment with an emphasis on progressive, inclusive medical education and advanced clinical training. Because Greece is a European Union (EU) member state, universities contribute extensively to medical research and 21st century healthcare innovations. Further to this, students can elect to participate in the Erasmus+ exchange programs and Erasmus Mundus masters programs. Currently graduates from Greek medical schools practise medicine internationally including major hospitals and clinics in the USA and UK.
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