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BSc Degree

+What is 4-Year Graduate Entry Medicine?
  • The 4-Year Graduate Entry Programme provides you with the opportunity to complete a medical degree with students required to hold a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) to be eligible.
  • The Graduate Programme offers students an accelerated study path as they enter the medical programme in the third year of the six year course.
  • The Graduate entry medicine programme enables students to begin studies in a later year, that will benefit students in time and money.
  • You will have flexibility in your studies and can choose to study either online or on-campus in the first year of study. Online study is temporarily available due to Covid-19.
  • Following the completion of your programme, you will have high level professional experience developed in Georgian hospitals and a full accreditation with a globally-recognised medical degree
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+The Online Study Option
  • Students have the option to complete up to one year of their studies, the pre-clinical year, as an online personalised pathway.
  • This online study pathway gives students benefits such as flexible study arrangements, choice around tuition fees and programme structure.
  • Students studying online have support and access to a wide range of resources including live-streamed classes, question banks, video lectures, exams and more.
  • At the beginning of the clinical study period, students begin studying on campus with world class facilities and experienced lecturers in a professional medical environment.
  • Online study is temporarily available due to Covid-19.
+What Universities Offer Graduate Entry Medicine In Georgia?
  • New Vision University (NVU) is situated in the centre of Georgia’s thriving capital city, Tbilisi.
  • This fully-accredited university boasts a very high quality of education as well as ultra-modern facilities.
  • NVU’s Graduate Entry medicine programme is open to candidates who already have a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree.
  • The duration of the course is just four years in length as candidates can start in the third year of the six-year course without taking entrance exams.
  • Students have an online study option available temporarily due to Covid-19.
  • This enables medical students to fast-track their degree and save money on tuition fees.
+What are the Entry Requirements?
  • Students are considered eligible for the Four-Year Graduate Medicine Programme if they hold a Bachelor of Science degree in a relevant science or medicine field (such as nursing, biomedicine, or pharmacy).
  • Applications require you to complete admissions paperwork and university transcripts for Study Medicine Europe to review.
  • The accelerated medicine qualification offers you a degree from a world-class university and clinical experience in real-world medical settings.
+What Funding Options are Available?
Student Loans
  • Students eligible for student loans can have half of their annual tuition feed covered for the duration of a full academic year.
  • Eligibility criteria and loan repayments information can be found when you visit our Student Loans page.
  • At Study Medicine Europe’s Open Days, it’s possible to win one of five scholarships for New Vision University.
  • Additionally, if you pass all of your subjects you are eligible to earn an academic scholarship that will cover 25% of the next year’s tuition fees.
  • More scholarship details for NVU can be read on our Scholarships.
+Why Study Graduate Entry Medicine in Georgia?
  • Over the years, Georgian universities have developed a strong reputation for delivering top-quality medical education.
  • Our partner university in Georgia offers an excellent four-year graduate entry medicine programme.
  • In addition to on-campus study, students can study online for up to the first year of their four-year degree. This flexible option is temporarily available due to Covid-19 and is a personalised approach to Graduate studies.
  • Tuition fees at Georgian universities are significantly lower than those of universities in other countries.
  • Some of our partner universities in Georgia offer funding options in the form of Student Loans and Scholarships.
  • Medical degrees from our partner universities in Georgia are fully-accredited and globally-recognised.
  • Upon graduation, you will be able to practice medicine in many countries around the world.
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