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Caucasus International University in Tbilisi, Georgia is one the most highly-regarded medical schools in Europe. Offering both medical and dentistry programmes, the university attracts students and faculty from all over the world. Learn about student life in these programmes with testimonials reviews from the students who share their stories in the videos below.

Watch the full video below and read on for profiles from three current students at CIU in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Hear Medicine Students’ Stories About Study & Life at CIU Georgia

Jawaad is a first-year student studying at Caucasus International University

How has your experience been with SME?

Jawaad found his application process and the support from SME to be really valuable. He says, “My experience with SME has been absolutely amazing.”

What is studying abroad in Georgia like for you?

He says that the move to Georgia was a personal challenge for him but he is so happy he did it. He shares, “The most difficult thing about moving is leaving my family and friends. But after a short while I have got used to this and it has helped me to grow as a person in life.”

What is the student community like in Tbilisi?

Meeting new people is part of what makes studying in Georgia so special, according to Jawaad, and there are many international students. He says, “The course overall is intensive, but I like it very much because you can meet and study with students from all over the world.”

What is your advice to anyone considering studying the course at CIU and applying with SME?

According to Jawaad, the course and teaching staff are amazing in addition to the overall experience of studying at CIU in Georgia. He says, “If you really want to achieve your dreams then go for it you will enjoy it as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity which will give you the ability to change people’s lives and make the world a better place.”

Hadayat is a first-year student studying at Caucasus International University

How did SME support you with your application and documents?

The SME application process was very straight-forward says Hadayat. He said, “They made the whole application seamless. They were very adamant to get all the documentation before the deadline and kept me up to date as to what was required.”

What is it like studying at CIU Georgia?

The focused teaching faculty and scope of resources makes a big difference to studying. Hadayat describes it as, “The professors want you to do well and want you to become good doctors in the near future. You can also keep track of your grades and attendance through the Goni system. This has helped me stay on track and improve clarity with regards to what I may be lacking on or what I may be doing well in.”

What is your main takeaway about the CIU course?

CIU is a fantastic study experience for Hadayat and he says, “I found the course to be everything I wished for.”

What is your advice for anyone applying to study in Georgia?

Studying abroad in Georgia is truly a life-changing pathway according to Hadayat. He shares, “I know many people who have done a three years undergraduate course and ended up here. Apply directly to the course of your dreams now if you are truly passionate about dentistry or medicine.”

Ammar is a first-year student studying at Caucasus International University

How did SME help you travel to Tbilisi to study?

The SME relocation support made arrivals and settling in very simple. He said, “When we arrived in Tbilisi we were greeted by an SME representative on meeting him he got us quickly ready for life in Tbilisi by helping us set up bank accounts, SIM plans and showing us multiple accommodations in various parts of the city.”

What is your CIU university course like?

The resources at the university have made Ammar’s course modules far simpler. He shares, “The university course is very well structured with students all having their own unique online portal which shows them all the information such as training materials for their classes, emails from their teachers and how well they’re doing in each individual class.”

What do you enjoy about studying in Georgia?

Tbilisi is a place that Ammar really enjoys for life and study. He describes its attractions, “Tbilisi to me is its rich history which can be seen all around you as you walk through the Old Tbilisi to the New Tbilisi.”

What makes studying in Georgia so enjoyable?

For Ammar, there is a sense of community and safety that makes him very comfortable in Georgia. He shares, “The people are very welcoming. Most of them speak English so there isn’t much of a communication barrier. Tbilisi is also one of the safest cities in Europe.”

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