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Tuition fees in Georgia are very affordable more so than other parts of Europe. The education quality, low tuition and reasonable cost of living proves that studying in Georgia is one of the best choices among other overseas countries. Undergraduate Medical programs taught in English or Russian are: Medicine with tuition fee of £2,800£3,500 per year and Dentistry costing £2,100£3,000 per annum. In most cases tuition fees should be paid in two or three instalments and the amount has to be transferred to the medical institution’s bank account. As soon as university receives recognition of applicant’s education status acquired abroad, from NCEQE (National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement – Georgia), university will issue the enrolment document and student is registered for appropriate program.

Medical UniversityTuition Fees per undergraduate program ()
New Vision University4560(1st year: 6,070)
Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University5,000

Fees of Postgraduate studies are between £1700£3300 annually and programs are offered only in Georgian, so candidates are obliged to verify their ability of understanding Georgian language by providing applicable Language Certificate with all required documentation and qualification to Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.

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