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The Varna Medical University is considered one of the oldest universities in Bulgaria. The Medical University of Varna is a Bulgarian state school for higher education dedicated to training specialists in the fields of medicine and healthcare. The student reviews share the experiences and journey of a medical student studying medicine in Varna, Bulgaria.

Watch the full video below and read on for profiles from three current students at Varna University.

Hear Medicine Students’ Stories About Study & Life at Varna.

Rachel, First year Medical Student, Varna Medical University

How did you find out about Studying Medicine in Bulgaria?

Rachel feels blessed to have found out about SME through a friend. According to Rachel, “I heard about Study Medicine Europe through a friend of mine who’s already been studying here and from the beginning I’ve had great feedback from them”.

How did the Applications team help you?

The team helped her in each and every step of the procedure and that made her trust SME more.

What made it easy to get set up in your new city?

Rachel was extremely pleased with the confirmation of flights. She was very happy to not have to worry about booking the right flights. SME also arranged for her to meet the city manager at the hotel, which was also a huge relief in new city. In the pre-booked hotel, she had a briefing about what to expect in near future. She also got a sim card and bank account opened on the same day. She loves the beauty of Varna and finds transport to be very cheap.

How has SME helped you achieve your academic dream?

I have already told all my friends about this opportunity and they were very surprised to know that they weren’t missing out on any part of the Uni life and that they would get the same experience as in the UK but much more in Varna. And 5 of them have applied already.

Gokul, First Year Medical Student, Varna Medical University

What was the relocation support for moving to study abroad in Europe like?

Relocation is usually a difficult process but SME made it very easy for him. According to Gokul, “Study Medicine Europe helped me with acquiring registration, a Bulgarian SIM, apartment and a loan for 6 years.” He was overall extremely satisfied with all the support he got from SME team in relocating.

What is your favourite thing about your programme?

Gokul appreciates that his medical years are divided into semester system, which makes it easier for him to understand and comprehend the course.

Rony, Second Year Medical Student, Varna Medical University

What was it like arriving to your new city and getting set up?

Rony loves the beaches around in Bulgaria. He enjoys spending time on beaches in summer. He appreciates the fact that SME sorted everything out for him be it his accommodation or his sim card.

What is your favourite thing about your programme?

Rony loves it that all his professors are very approachable and quick in responses. He can always approach any of the professors for any kind of queries.

What stands out for you about studying at NVU & studying medicine in Georgia? (adjust the names here for the region)

How has SME helped you achieve your academic dream?

Rony feels very satisfied with the services provided from SME team. He states, “I am very happy to be here and I’m sure I made the right decision and I recommend Study Medicine Europe as they have done a 100% excellent job.”

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