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Study Medicine Europe is experienced with assisting and preparing students for their medicine programme with their partner universities. Applying for a place in a university abroad, as well as relocating to a new country and settling in can be quite stressful therefore SME is focused on exceptional student services that promote individual wellbeing for academic success. With the volume of administration and preparations for coursework, SME ensures you receive the right information and they oversee your course application so that you’re able to focus on finding the right accommodation to suit your needs then able to move and settle in quickly.

Online student services accessible wherever you are

SME’s online portal provides useful and thoroughly prepared information to streamline your student pathway to your medicine programme right from the moment you apply. The online portal is designed to make student life easier so that you can get organised for your tertiary course with minimal pressure. The online portal can easily be logged onto and provides essential updates including deadlines and travel plus live online support chat services with step-by-step guidance.

The online portal also provides pointers for personal administration relevant to your place of study and residence.

This includes:

  • Advice for health insurance
  • Student accommodation support such as contacts for real estate agents
  • Information for opening a bank account abroad
  • Currency conversion rates

SME also provides utility resources including the best deals from local internet providers and mobile phone carriers thanks to our great, pre-negotiated packages.

The portal can support you to get set up in your new home so that you can finalise these items before you arrive.

Online resources and study help to get ready for your medicine programme

SME makes sure that students are settled and able to feel at home from the moment they set foot in their university city. In addition to the checklists provided in the online portal, you can also access online city guides that keep you posted on everything you need to know about the transportation network and local taxi fares, the key points and main attractions of each city, and personal safety pointers with emergency numbers for the local police stations, hospitals and English-speaking medical services.

While you’re settling in, you can also get ready for your programme with the Online Portal resources including extra material, sample tests, notes and pre-recorded lessons related to any entrance tests that may be required for your medicine programme.

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