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Trakia University was founded after the merge of two medical institutions that existed almost a century. The university has 50 doctoral programmes to offer and also more than 60 Bachelor’s and Master’s major degrees. Trakia University also provides students with in-house hospital training in experimental and clinical research. The student reviews helps state a journey of a medical student studying and living in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

Watch the full video below and read on for profiles from three current students at TU in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.  

Hear Medicine Students’ Stories About Study & Life at TU Bulgaria

Tayler is a first-year student studying at Trakia University

How was your experience initially with SME?

Tayler said during the beginning phase of applying, SME assisted him throughout and specially sorting out all the required documents and getting them notarized. “From the start and when I initially applied, they helped me out with sorting out all the documents I needed and gave me contact on how to get them notarized.”

How was the medical courses in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria?

Tayler shares that his timetable was definitely very busy but he definitely enjoyed the course throughout with all the interesting modules the university in Stara Zagora had to offer. Tayler said “I really enjoyed the course, the timetable was busy but it has a lot of interesting modules.”

How was your experience studying in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria?

Tayler finds studying in Stara Zagora is fun and the opportunity to meet many international students. Tayler said “Studying there is really enjoyable, there are lots of international students there and I have a good time.”

What was it like living as a student in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria?

According to Tayler living in Stara Zagora was amazing since the city had lots to offer with it being always busy and various shopping venues. Tayler says “I really enjoy living here in Stara Zagora, I think has a student there’s lots of things to do. The town is very busy and there are lots of shopping options.”

What would you say to people who are planning to study medicine?

If medical is your dream then it is a great opportunity and one should definitely pursue it according to Tayler. Tayler shares “Definitely believe this is a good opportunity and I definitely you should consider it, it is a unique opportunity and facilities here are really good and if that is your dream then you should definitely pursue it.”

Melissa is a first-year student studying at Trakia University

How was your experience attending the predeparture meeting held by SME?

Melissa explains during her predeparture meeting held by SME in London, she was allowed to ask many questions and received equal and more answers in very detailed fashion on Stara Zagora as well as Trakia University. Melissa explained “The predeparture meeting that was held in London and I was able to ask many questions, the answers as well was higher than expected and very very detailed and I was able to gain a lot of knowledge about Stara Zagora and Trakia University.”

How was the relocation process to Stara Zagora, Bulgaria?

Melissa mentioned that the relocation process to Stara Zagora was very simple and SME also assisted in locating an apartment for her. Melissa said “The relocation was very very simple with them helping to find an apartment.”

How was the medical course in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria?

The couse has been great for Melissa specially Anatomy which allowed her to study and work with real bones. Melissa shares “Right now we are doing anatomy which is amazing while we deal with real bones.”

What was the best experience you had in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria?

Melissa just found the whole experience in general joining SME as an amazing experience. Melissa said “The best part of my experience is joining SME and making new friends and the whole experience in general.”

What would you say to people who are planning to study medicine?

Melissa believes studying medicine in Europe is a must and it is a great experience. Melissa says “I’d say go for it because it is an amazing experience.”

Malalai is a first-year student studying at Trakia University

How was your experience with SME?

Malalai shared that her experience with SME has been great overall. “My experience with Study Medicine Europe has been really amazing so far.”

How did SME assisted in applying for TU in Stara Zagore, Bulgaria?

Malalai said that SME was very helpful during the application process since she did not know anything during that time and SME assisted with gathering and translating all the required documents to Bulgarian language. “Study Medicine Europe helped me gather all my documents, my application process and translated to Bulgarian which was very helpful since I did not know anything at that time.”

What was your experience when first relocating to Stara Zagora, Bulgaria?

Malalai shared that it was very enjoyable during the relocation process when she first arrived Stara Zagora because she was assigned to a city manager who helped her settle in. “We were allocated city managers which help you settle in here and make your move as enjoyable as you can.”

How was the medical course in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria?

Malalai explained that her schedule in Trakia university was very flexible and she enjoyed the course overall. “The course here is really nice. My schedule that is chose is really flexible as well.”

How was your experience studying medicine in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria?

Malalai said that she overall enjoyed studying in Stara Zagora and it was all due to the help and support she received from English speaking professor and the warm welcoming seniors from Trakia University. Malalai says “The teachers here and professors are really helpful and they speak English. It is very helpful, enjoyable and the seniors are really welcoming which is a plus result.”

\What is student life like living in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria?

The student community in Stara Zagora is very welcoming and always treat everyone warmly explained by Malalai. “The community is very welcoming and students here are very welcoming as well.”

What was most difficult for you moving to Stara Zagora, Bulgaria?

Malalai did not move to another country before and so it was her first time but luckily for her she got used to the new environment and culture immediately and was happy of her decision to move to Stara Zagora. Malalai shares “It was the first time for me to move away to a completely different country, I overcame if really quickly and I am glad I made the choice.”

What would you say to people who are planning to study medicine?

Malalai regrets on the delays she made when deciding to study medicine in Europe via SME and so she advices for other to go for it and not hesitate. Malalai says “I’d say go for it because I was hesitant at first and I became a late applicant but the process is really easy and they help you with everything.”
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