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Armenia is renowned for its beautiful landscape, varied terrain, and Caucasus region mountains. Because the weather is generally pleasant it is classified as a sunny country. The climate is classified as highland continental and it is mostly dry.

Are there Regional Climate and Seasonal Differences during the Medicine Programme Study in Armenia 

Despite its small physical area, Armenia has immense climatic variety. Much of this is due to Armenia’s unique weather systems, which mix moisture from heavy snowfalls in the mountains and the Black and Caspian Seas with hot blasts of air from the Syrian and Iranian plateaus. Armenia’s different varieties of climates depend on the absolute height of the land. But no matter of altitude Armenia is often described as a sunny country.

What is the Annual Weather Forecast like during the Medicine Programme Study in Armenia

Here you have an opportunity to experience all 4 seasons will all their beauty. Hot Summers, Fall noted for mild and sunny weather, bright colours of landscapes, abundance of autumn fruits, Winter with skiing in breathtaking mountains and Spring with intense blooms.

How Geography Affects Student Life and Medical Programme Study in Armenia

Yerevan features a continental influenced steppe climate with long hot summers, warm autumns and short winters. This means students can enjoy an outdoor lifestyle that celebrates activity, culture, and the natural landscape.

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