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Bulgarian Universities to Study Dentistry in English
+ What is the 6-Year Undergraduate Dentistry Course?
  • Sofia Medical University was originally set up in 1917, it became a medical university in 1995 after administrative reforms.
  • The university is one of the biggest and most significant scientific education centres in the country, as well as the wider Balkan region.
  • The duration of the dentistry programme is six years spanning 11 semesters of academic and clinical training and a six-month internship.
  • The course consists of two years of dental study and four years on clinical training.
  • 60,000 specialists have received instruction from the university since it was set up.
  • An average of 6,200 students are conducting research at the university presently, which is held in high regard internationally.
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  • Plovdiv Medical University in southern Bulgaria, was established in 1945.
  • More than 130 highly experienced and highly published professors and an average of 600 deputy and assistant professors work at the university.
  • The dentistry course is six years in duration entirely taught in English.
  • The first two years of the programme focus on dental theory and the fundamentals of dental study with the following four years concentrated on clinical practice.
  • More than 3,800 students are offered taught programmes ranging for undergraduate to post graduate level.
  • In conjunction with the Youth Scientific Association, the university runs the “Youth & Science” competition every year where the top medical research publications are recognised.
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  • Varna Medical University in Northeast Bulgaria was established in 1961.
  • The university campus is situated centrally in the city of Varna, which has previously been voted one of the best cities to live in the country.
  • The dentistry programme lasts for six years including 11 semesters of academic training and one semester of an internship.
  • The first two years of the programme focus on dental studies and the last four years include clinical training in dental procedures.
  • In excess of 8,351 Bulgarian students have graduated since the university was set up, in addition to 977 foreign students from 45 countries.
  • 284 assistant professors, 78 deputy professors and in excess of 18 professors are employed by the university.
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+ What are the Undergraduate Entry Requirements?
Candidates are required to submit the following documents:
  1. Completed application form including brief biographical data, educational history and any courses for which the candidate is applying
  2. Copy of a diploma confirming completion of secondary education, with an academic transcript stating the disciplines studied
  3. Document issued by relevant authorities which certifies the right to continue education in higher schools and universities in the country of origin of the secondary school attended by the candidate
  4. Health certificate issued no more than one month prior to application and verified in the country from which the candidate is applying
  5. Two 4-5cm photographs
The diploma, academic transcript and health certificate must be translated into Bulgarian and legalised as per official state directives.
+ Why Study Dentistry in Bulgaria?
  • Bulgaria is located in Southeast Europe, it is bordered by Romania to the north, Serbia and North Macedonia to the west, Greece and Turkey to the south, and the Black Sea to the east.
  • After 2001, economic, political and geopolitical conditions improved greatly and Bulgaria achieved high Human Development status in 2003.
  • It became a member of NATO in 2004 and joined the European Union in 2007.
  • Bulgaria has modernised the higher education system taking into account good practices and introductions of new managerial models to better strengthening its medical and dental universities.
  • Today, Bulgaria is one of the top dental tourism destinations globally sourcing highly qualified dentists from local universities.
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