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Fully accredited by Bulgaria’s Ministry of Education, Sofia Medical University is the oldest institution for higher medical education in Bulgaria. The university’s goal is to teach and train students to conduct and provide highly specialised healthcare for people. Listen to the following testimonials from real students currently studying at Sofia MU as they share their experiences with you

Annabelle, First-year medical student, Sofia Medical University.

Hear From Annabelle, First-year medical student, Sofia Medical University.

Annabelle, First-year medical student, Sofia Medical University.

How did you find your relocation briefing with SME?

Annabelle explains how the SME team adapted their processes to the pandemic and made the pre-departure meeting safe but equally informative. She explains, ‘’SME provided us with a pre-departure meeting before relocating, which was held online due to Covid where we met our city managers and other students there as well and we could ask any questions.’’

In what ways did you feel supported by the SME team in Sofia?

Annabelle praises the local SME team as they made sure that she was briefed in advance on every aspect of the relocation process. She says, ‘’During the meeting, our city managers gave us an agenda of the next few days which made me feel very relaxed.’’

What are your thoughts about living in Sofia?

Annabelle was surprised with how much her new city resembled home. She says ‘’I was very shocked to find out how similar Sofia was to the UK, for example we have a lot of similar shops here like H&M, Zara…’’

How did you feel about moving abroad to study medicine?

Annabelle shares that there was a time she was hesitant about pursuing medical studies abroad. She shares, ‘’First, I was quite skeptical about moving abroad to Sofia to study, but SME have made the process very easy and smooth, and they have allowed me to study medicine, which has been one of my lifelong dreams.’’

Syed, First-year medical students, Sofia Medical University

How did you find out about Study Medicine Europe?

It was pure luck that brought Syed to SME. He shares, ‘’I found about SME on an advertisement on YouTube and I wanted to look further into it, so I contacted the SME support.”

Did you find SME assisted with your relocation needs?

Moving to a different country was daunting for Syed but he was delighted by the commitment of the local SME team. Going back to the process he remembers, ‘’SME provided me with a real estate agent and showed me a few apartments, so we found one close to the university and me and my family are really grateful for that.’’

Were there any cultural barriers moving abroad and living in another country?

Syed was really surprised by how accommodating Bulgaria is to people of different religious and cultural backgrounds. He mentions, ‘’The one worry I had moving abroad to a foreign country was the halal option of food, but the city managers of SME made it easy for me because they showed me Halal restaurants.’’

What would you say to anyone wanting to studying medicine abroad?

It has been a life-changing experience to study in Bulgaria for Syed and he recommends is to all those who share the same dream. He says, ‘’My advice for anyone wanting to study abroad is just take that leap of faith. SME has provided me with a simple pathway to achieve my long-life goal and if you’re considering doing it, just do it.’’

Saleem, First-year medical student, Sofia Medical University

What was the support like once you arrived in Sofia by the SME local team?

Saleem remembers his arrival day to Sofia and shares, ‘’SME provided transportation from the airport to the hotel, and they also provided us with snacks and drinks on the way.”

How did SME help with ensuring you had all the right documents to live and study in Bulgaria?

Saleem describes the support he receives as ”wonderful” and he elaborates, ‘’For example when I needed to apply for a residency permit, I didn’t have any health insurance, and this was a big problem for when I needed to apply for the application, so I messaged the city managers, and they were very helpful.’’

What do you like best about studying at Sofia University?

Saleem was pleasantly surprised by the level of education in Sofia. He says, ‘’At the university everything is really hands on and I wasn’t really expecting going into that, I thought it would be a little more laid back, but it’s been really fun!’’

How has studying medicine changed your life?

Saleem confidently explains how SME has provided him “with a gateway to follow his dreams.” Studying medicine has clearly enriched his life and he recommends it to others, saying, ‘’If there is anyone thinking about taking this opportunity, I say definitely go for it. It’s amazing and you won’t regret it at all.’’
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