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Students from all over the world choose Study Medicine Europe to help make their dreams of studying medicine abroad a reality! As a representative and affiliate of universities throughout Europe and the UK, you can start your medical career with expert guidance for all parts of the recruitment process. Learn more about studying medicine in Europe with the SME student reviews for 2020.

The Experience Of Studying Medicine In Europe

Students who choose SME can study medicine all over Europe and the UK. In these 2020 review videos, discover more with testimonials from real students studying in the following countries:

Learn More With Real Study Medicine Europe Student Reviews

In these 2020 testimonial videos, you will learn about the incredible range of experiences students have studying medicine in Europe and the invaluable support SME provides along the way. Toggle through the videos and enjoy finding out about the journey of applying through SME, getting ready for studying medicine abroad, student life, and making friends with students whose dreams of becoming a doctor are well on the way to being a reality.

SME is a professional medical education recruiter and not a scam

Study Medicine Europe is one of the most well-established professional recruitment services for studying medicine in Europe and the UK. SME has extensive affiliate and representative partnerships with universities throughout these regions. In their official capacity, SME operates services in the UK, USA and India that help students with their placement in leading European and British medical schools. Their transparent services ensure students do not need to have concerns about their tertiary education applications and SME is not a scam. SME’s guiding values of high quality, exceptional support and its decade of maintaining relationships with institutions throughout the UK, Greece, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania demonstrate their commitment to educational excellence in the medical industry.

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