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Veterinary studies in Romania typically last 6 years. The first 3 years are oriented more towards preclinical training and the remaining 3 years of clinical training focus more on medical training practise, which usually takes place in the summer at the end of each academic year for a minimum of 14 working days. At the end of the programme, graduates are awarded the title of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). Courses of the Medical Schools in Romania are taught in English or French, depending on candidate preference.  
NoSubjectECTS Credits
1.Animal biology and ecology4
2.Vegetal biology3
3.Physics / biophysics4
4.Comparative anatomy I5
5.Comparative anatomy II5
6.Chemistry / Biochemistry I6
7.Chemistry / Biochemistry II5
8.Biomathematics and computer sciences1
9.Cell biology2
10.Histology and embryology I5
13.Communication techniques1
14.Career development2
15.Physical training I1
16.Physical training II1
17.Romanian language and culture I3
18.Romanian language and culture II3
19.Summer Practice4
NoSubjectECTS Credits
1.Comparative anatomy III4
2.Comparative anatomy IV4
3.Physiology I4
4.Physiology II4
5.Histology and embryology II4
6.Biochemistry / Molecular Biology3
7.Biochemistry of the tisular metabolism2
8.Animal breeding3
9.Animal production systems I4
10.Nutrition, feeding, fodder quality control I4
11.Nutrition, feeding, fodder quality control II4
12.Microbiology I4
13.Microbiology II4
14.Animal hygiene and environment protection5
15.Romanian language and culture III1
16.Summer Practice4
NoSubjectECTS Credits
1.Ethology, animal welfare and protection4
2.Epidemiology I3
4.Parasitology and parasitic diseases I4
5.Pharmacology and pharmacy I4
6.Pharmacology and pharmacy II4
7.Pathological anatomy I4
8.Pathological anatomy II5
9.Pathophysiology I4
10.Pathophysiology II3
11.Propaedeutics and surgical techniques I3
12.Anestesiology and resuscitative therapy2
13.Semiology I3
14.Semiology II4
15.Animal production systems II3
16.Summer Practice4
NoSubjectECTS Credits
1.Parasitology and parasitic diseases II3
2.Parasitology and parasitic diseases III3
3.Propaedeutics and surgical techniques II3
4.Internal medicine and pathology I4
5.Internal medicine and pathology II4
6.Surgical clinics and pathology I4
7.Infectious diseases I4
8.Infectious diseases II4
9.Physiology of the reproduction3
10.Veterinary obstetrics4
11Food hygiene, quality and technology I4
12.Food hygiene, quality and technology II4
13.Medical imaging4
14.Medical statistics2
15.Veterinary toxicology 13
16.Summer Practice4
NoSubjectECTS Credits
1.Internal medicine and pathology III4
2.Internal medicine and pathology IV5
3.Surgical clinics and pathology II4
4.Surgical clinics and pathology III4
5.Infectious diseases III4
6.Infectious diseases IV4
7.Pathology of reproduction I4
8.Pathology of reproduction II4
9.Inspection and control of animal foods and products I4
10.Inspection and control of animal foods and products II4
11.Veterinary dermatology4
13.Fish breeding and pathology2
14.Veterinary toxicology II4
15.Summer Practice4
NoSubjectECTS Credits
1.Veterinary legislation2
2.Preventive medicine II1
3.Necropsy and forensic medicine I3
4.Clinical laboratory2
5.Nutritional and metabolic diseases3
6.Necropsy and forensic medicine II3
7.Public veterinary health3
8.Rural economy2
9.Veterinary management and marketing2
10.Clinics- pets10
11.Clinics- equine9
12.Clinics- ruminants10
13.Clinics- swine3
14.Clinics- aviary and leporids3
15.Veterinary deonthology and ethics1
16.Practical Work in veterinary units2
18.Graduation Thesis2
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