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During the application process, students must be prepared to follow the guidelines for Bulgarian medical schools. Since there are progressive steps, candidates may have questions or have support requests and they may connect with university representatives to ask about the programmes.

What happens after Students Apply to Study Medicine, Dentistry, or Veterinary Medicine in Bulgaria

Following the submission of their application documents, students must have an official medical school acceptance letter. This is an official requirement of Bulgarian medical schools. After the Medical University receives a candidate’s admission documents and the “Certificate of The Right to Study” is issued by the “Ministry of Education, Youth and Science”, the University issues a formal “Letter of Acceptance”.

What do Students Need to do After They Receive Their Conditional Offer Letter to Study Medicine, Dentistry, or Veterinary Medicine in Bulgaria

The Letter of Acceptance provides students with the documentation that they have conditional acceptance into their chosen programme in Bulgaria. Subsequently, the student can pay for the first installment of his or her annual tuition fees and register at the university.

Why do Students Need a Letter of Acceptance to Study Medical Programmes in Bulgaria

The “Letter of Acceptance” is required by non-EU candidates so as to issue a Student visa. Following the student visa application and with the letter of offer, students may also be able to apply for a residency permit in Bulgaria.

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