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Tuition fees in Armenia (Medical Schools, Dentistry Schools) are very affordable, which makes Armenia an extremely wonderful destination for the international students to receive high quality education. Undergraduate Medical programs offered in Armenia are following: Medicine with 2100£ per year, Dentistry with 2100£. Tuition fees are paid to University bank account after receiving the relevant Acceptance Letter from University and Ministry of Education and Science. Fees are paid either fully at the beginning of study or in 2 installments during each academic year.

Medical Universities Tuition Fees per undergraduate program ()
  Medicine Dentistry
University of Traditional Medicine 3,000 3,000

Postgraduate programs (specializations and doctoral degrees) are only offered in Bulgarian and cost £3,500 annually for non-EU students, while EU students do not pay any fees at all if they have secured government funding or a sponsorship and receive a monthly salary of 600900 BGN as long as they successfully pass an entrance or eligibility examination, after submitting an application form supported by all necessary documentation and qualifications. Non-EU students need only submit an application.

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