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The University of Belgrade is one of the oldest medical institutions in the Balkan regions. This university is ranked 200th in the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities and also ranked top in the Academic Ranking of World Universities. The student reviews shows the insight of a student’s experience studying medicine in Belgrade, Serbia.

Watch the full video below and read on for profiles from two current students at UOB in Belgrade, Serbia.

Hear Medicine Students’ Stories About Study & Life at UOB Serbia

Monica is a first-year student studying at University of Belgrade

How did you apply to in studying medicine in Belgrade, Serbia?

Monica said that she went to SME website and contacted SME who reached back in a few days with all the required information for Monica to apply for medical studies in Europe. “I got on their site and contacted them so after like a few days they contacted me back and told me the necessary information that I needed to know.”

What are the steps to get accepted into a medical university in Belgrade, Serbia

Monica mentioned that she had to complete an entrance exam and when she passed she was granted admission to the University of Belgrade. Monica said “I prepared for the entrance exams then I took my entrance exam and I was accepted.”

How was your experience relocating to Belgrade, Serbia?

Monica said that she was worried when the first time she relocated to Belgrade, Serbia but she was welcomed by the city manager who in return helped her a lot. “After sometime I relocated to Belgrade. I felt a bit worried because I was new to the country and everything but then the city manager made me feel welcomed and she helped with a lot.”

What was your experience studying medicine in Belgrade, Serbia?

Monica found the medical course in University of Belgrade tough but also very interesting at the same time which provided her with lots of beneficial knowledge to learn. Monica said “I find the course intense and at the same time interesting because it gives us a lot of knowledge to study from.”

What was it like living in Belgrade, Serbia?

Belgrade was amazing to Monica with the people being very nice and friendly not forgetting most people communicated in English as well. Monica says “I found Belgrade a very friendly and safe place to be in, the people are very nice and friendly and they speak English.”

What was the best part from the overall experience?

Having a city manager was the best thing for Monica and the city manager helped her in almost every way possible. Monica shares “I am really happy because I have the city manager Mina who helped me with moving to Belgrade and helped me settle more in the city and also helping me with my faculty.”

What else you will like to share to those who are interested to study medicine?

According to Monica one should be very dedicate to study medicine since it is difficult. Monica explains “Medicine is stressful but if you are committed and motivated then you should study medicine.”

Parsa is a first-year student studying at University of Belgrade

Where did you find out about SME?

Parsa said that he got to know about SME through a friend who also applied for medical university via SME and his friend sent him an email for application. “I found out about SME from a friend of mine who also applied for a medical university in Bulgaria through SME so I got the email from her and I sent SME an email.”

How did SME assist you in your medical application into Europe?

The SME staff provided lots of assistance to Parsa and also helped Parsa pick the best medical university for him. Parsa says “The staff of SME they helped me a lot with finding out the university that is best for me.”

What happened next after completing your entrance exam in UOB?

Parsa shared that after completing the entrance exam, he received an acceptance letter from UOB and then received an email about the pre-departure brief which included all the information he required. Parsa said “I received my acceptance letter from Belgrade University. I received an email from SME which was about the pre-departure brief about everything that was going to happen afterwards. It had all the details I needed to know.”

How did the city manager in Belgrade assist?

The city manager from SME provided an extensive assistance to Parsa from accommodation, bank account and also health insurance. Parsa said “She helped me a lot with sorting out my stuff, she had pre-booked my hotel for me for the first day and also she had already prepared a nice apartment which is only ten minutes’ walk away from the university and few days after she helped me sort out my bank, my health insurance, my residency and everything else that I needed basically.”

How was the medical course in the University of Belgrade?

Parsa found the medical course intense but it was not very difficult in the end with the help of the professors in the University of Belgrade. “The course is nothing more than what I expected, it’s intense obviously it’s medicine but it’s quite manageable because of the professors.”

How was your experience commuting as a student in Belgrade, Serbia?

Parsa explains that it was easy commuting around Belgrade because there are bus stations just a few minutes from where he lived and everything else he needed for his daily living routines were all in the vicinity of where he lived. “From where I lived there is a bus station literally 2 minutes away from my house even without bus station everything is just close by with wide variety of restaurants and grocery stores. Basically every that I need for a living is close by.”

How was it like living in Belgrade, Serbia?

According to Parsa, it was difficult being away from home but the diverse community in Belgrade comforted him living in Belgrade. Parsa said “Obviously being away from family, friends and your home is really hard but the international community here in Belgrade is huge and you get to meet people with different cultures from different nationalies and that kind of helps me not think about being away from my country..”
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