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Study Medicine Europe is a leader in medical education recruitment for students from all over the world. Studying medicine abroad is a dream for many students from a young age and with the guidance, partnerships and expertise of SME, this can be a reality. For over a decade, students have worked with SME for the recruitment process of finding and applying to the university in Europe or the UK that’s right for them. Studying medicine abroad at the best European and British medical schools is possible with SME!

Studying Medicine In Europe – Make It A Reality

Every student is unique and their personal circumstances are taken into account with the support of the expert SME recruiters. With these testimonial videos, you can get inspired and start to plan your application to study medicine in Europe or the UK. Hear from students studying in Bulgaria in 2017 with the videos below:

  • Bulgaria
Sofia Medical University
Trakia University Stara Zagora
Plovdiv Medical University
Varna Medical University

2017 Medical School Reviews From Study Medicine Europe Students

Studying medicine abroad is one of the best ways for students to gain a world-class Doctor of Medicine (MD) qualification, build their international network and learn in dynamic environments. These are challenging, immersive and engaging study opportunities that prepare students for a global career practising medicine! In these testimonial videos, students review their personal journey studying medicine abroad in Bulgaria in English.

SME offers experienced medical education recruitment services that are not a scam

Study Medicine Europe is a world leader in student recruitment for medical education. With their sophisticated yet approachable model of recruitment, each student is supported as an individual to find the very best programme for them. Whether it’s for the UK, Greece, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Bulgaria, Serbia or Romania, SME recruiters offer a no scam, detailed and professional service that extends far beyond each student’s acceptance letter. The transparent role of SME working as an official representative and affiliate of European and British universities ensures student placements in their desired medical programmes are of the utmost integrity. Clear, accurate information is readily available at all times and a positive student experience is central to SME operations and services.

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