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Contemporary medical education in Armenia is globally acknowledged as one of the best in the region and wider Europe.

An Overview of Medical Education and Medicine Programme Study in Armenia

Medical education in Armenia should be noted has its roots deep into the centuries. It has absorbed the experience of many generations dating back to adoption of the Christianity in 301 in Armenia, when under monasteries the first hospitals were opened and to the first University from 12th century where medical studies were offered.

Medical degrees obtained in Armenia are recognised all over the world by such organisations as are WHO, General Medical Council UK, The International Medical Education Directory etc.

An Overview of Medical School Education for Students Who Study in Armenia

Graduates from Armenian Medical Universities are becoming inventors in their fields (MRI machine, PET scan, modern plastic surgery) have built impressive reputation putting Armenia on the map of medical innovations and currently it is considered as a hub for medical research and development. Professorship of universities is ranked among best in the region, with numerous scientific publications and rewards on a local and international level and continuously having their contribution to medical science development all over the world.

The following English taught studies are offered in Armenian Medical Universities

What Students Who Apply to Study Medicine in Armenia Should Know

Medicine Study

Medical studies last 6 years exclusively taught in English. Starting undergraduate degree level courses that lead to a Masters Degree in Medicine upon graduation. The programme is designed in a way where during the first 3 years students cover the preclinical studies, which involve fundamental studies of biology human anatomy, medical physics, bioorganic chemistry, histology, cytology, physiology, medical psychology etc. The other 3 years are more focused on correlating these fundamental theoretical studies into their application in practice and knowledge and skills enhancement with internships and clinical practice. Students work with affiliated hospitals, medical centers or clinics as part of their internships. More specifically students will have professional training on assistant of therapeutic and surgical care, nursing, therapy surgery obstetrics and gynecology, emergency and first aid amounting at least 700 hours during the 6 years throughout.

The aforementioned programme has State final examinations upon which successful accomplishment graduated are awarded with diploma with the qualification “Physician” Subsequently, graduates can continue with postgraduate medical study in Armenian or outside.

What Students Who Apply to Study Dentistry in Armenia Should Know

Dentistry Study

Dentistry is a 5 years educational program English or Russian taught program. Students study both theoretical practical and clinical subjects. During their studies students starting from 4th semester throughout the course run professional trainings covering 540 hours, where independent work of students carried out under direct supervision of the lecturers and doctors is of special attention. Graduates of the Faculty of Stomatology are awarded a diploma with qualification “doctor-stomatologist” after they pass the State final examinations. Afterwards participants can follow a postgraduate study with 1-3 years duration accordingly in Armenia or abroad.

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