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Sofia Medical University is amongst the most established, historic universities in Europe. For over a century, SMU has been a leader in medical training and scientific research, including its renowned medical research center in the Balkans. In these video testimonials, real students from the university share all about their time at SMU and the wonderful experience of medical school in Bulgaria.

Watch the full video below and read on for profiles from two current students at SMU in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Hear Medicine Students’ Stories About Study & Life at SMU Bulgaria

Mohammad is a first-year student studying at Sofia Medical University

How did you find out about Studying Medicine in Bulgaria?

Mohammad says SME was a recommendation from a friend. He says, “I found SME and then SME gave me all the information I needed about the different medical schools.”

What was the SME support like for arriving in Sofia?

Mohammad said SME made moving abroad and getting personal assistance really simple. He says, “Once I was at the airport they picked me up from there, took me to the hotel and they gave me this individualized help.”

What are the Bulgarian medical courses like?

Mohammad found that settling into studying in Bulgaria was really easy. He says, “The most difficult thing about the move would have been the language barrier. When I came to Bulgaria and found out that the majority of the people here spoke English. My second worry about that would have been the courses itself with the teachers not speaking English and then found out they actually speak complete English with the entire course with the medical school.”

Would you recommend Sofia Medical University?

Mohammad is really positive about his experience studying at SMU. He reflects, “Sofia Medical University is a very highly recognized school so I would have no worries of going back to the USA to practice.”

Abeer is a first-year student studying at Sofia Medical University

How did SME assist with your application documents?

Abeer received significant help from SME throughout the application process. She says, “They gave me a list and requirements for my documents. I gave them the documents and they sorted out the documents and anytime I had a question and query about my documents they were there to help me.”

What is the experience at Sofia Medical University like?

The teachers make learning a really positive and enjoyable experience, Abeer says, “I’m glad that the teachers here can speak great English and that I won’t be confused on any of my subjects.”

What is living and studying in Bulgaria like?

Abeer says she is so happy to be studying in the capital city of Bulgaria, “Sofia has been great. The living costs here are very affordable. There are a lot of great malls and restaurants and people speak a fair amount of English here.”

What is the best thing about living and studying in Bulgaria?

Studying medicine abroad has been incredible, says Abeer, “Best part of the experience was the campus. All your courses are on one campus so you don’t have to travel far or go on any buses, it’s just a walk away.”

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