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The Sofia Medical University is considered as one of the oldest university in the Bulgarian capital. SMU is also regarded as a significant scientific hub and a renowned science center in the Balkans. The student reviews shares the experiences and journey of a medical student studying medicine in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Watch the full video below and read on for profiles from three current students at UOB in Belgrade, Serbia.

Hear Medicine Students’ Stories About Study & Life at SMU Bulgaria

Abeer is a first-year student studying at Sofia Medical University

How did you application process begin in SME?

Abeer mentioned that her application begin by being assigned to a student recruit manager who assister her throughout her application process. Abeer said “When you start your application, you are assigned a student recruitment manager who supports you throughout your whole journey. I was provided with a list of documents to collect.”

How was your experience onboarding a medical university in Sofia, Bulgaria?

Abeer explains that she did now have to worry about anything since SME assisted her with posting the documents to the university and also held her hand through the transition process. Abeer said “They helped me post there all the documents. Once I have submitted everything they handled the transition process so I did not need to worry about anything.”

Jerin is a first-year student studying at Sofia Medical University

What was received after the acceptance into SMU?

According to Jerin, he received an email from SME which stated the date for him to travel to Sofia for the relocation process. Jerin says “We received an email from SME which provided us a date on which we would all travel to Sofia.”

How was your experience when you first arrived Sofia, Bulgaria?

Jerin said that as soon as he arrived the airport in Sofia, he was picked up and transported to a prebooked hotel by a bus and was all guided by a city manager. “Once we arrive the city manager Molly Sandhu received us and we went to a prebooked hotel via coach.”

How did SME assisted in relocating into Sofia, Bulgaria?

Jerin shared that as he arrived the hotel in Sofia, SME assisted in getting him a low cost sim card and also helped setup a bank account without the need to go to the bank at all. “We had a small briefing where we received a fully activated sim cards at low price and after a short period of time SME helped us open up bank accounts so which meant we did not have to actually go to the bank physically and open bank accounts ourselves.”

How did SME assisted in getting an apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria?

Real estate agents were appointed to come and collect students contact details and provided images of the apartments available and promised to find a suitable apartment within 2 working days. Jerin said “Some local estate agents came in and they took down our contact details and they provided us with pictures of the apartments and they guarantee that within around 2 working days would be our apartment. Out of the hotel and into the apartment.”

Tiago is a first-year student studying at Sofia Medical University

What was your experience studying medicine in Sofia, Bulgaria?

Tiago believes studying medicine is similar anywhere but having passion and focus will benefit in overcoming the complexity of the course and in return gaining more knowledge. Tiago said “Medicine is medicine throughout the world, if you have passion and desire to it you will realize that the complexity and difficulty of it will just become a motivation to study and learn more.”

How was your experience living in Sofia, Bulgaria?

Tiago said as he arrived in Sofia he was uncomfortable but SME helped in making the experience better and he interacted with the people from all around the world which improved his social skill in soon becoming a doctor. “Living in Sofia is very interesting to say at the least. Personally I moved from South Africa to Bulgaria and as a young adult a 19 year old moving into the city is very difficult and different to say the least. As a student once arriving at Bulgaria I was uncomfortable but SME made the process very comforting and interaction has added to my social skills in becoming a doctor and going into the medical profession.”
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