BBC Health Article features SME

BBC Health Article features SME

BBC Health recently featured an article on Study Medicine Europe and our students Zahara Assad, Zarina Brady and Shahswar Arif who are all studying medicine in Bulgaria at the moment. The aim of the article was to show why these countries are becoming popular among students who want to pursue their dreams of becoming a doctor.

The article focused on the many reasons that UK students are flocking to Bulgaria and Romania which include, lower tuition fees, lower living costs, and lower grade requirements.

It highlights the fact that many students, much like Zahara, who meet the minimum grades to apply in the UK, are ultimately denied. Or, like students Shahswar and Zarina who, even after obtaining a degree, are still turned away from UK universities.

BBC reporter Sadaf Maruf interviewed Aris Grigoriou, head of student recruitment at Study Medicine Europe, who indicated the popularity of these countries is growing rapidly offering UK students an opportunity to fulfill their academic dreams.

You can find the full article here.