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The University of Belgrade (UB) in Serbia’s capital city is a leading tertiary institution in Europe. As a heritage university of Serbia, UB is a beacon of medical training, scientific research, and undergraduate and postgraduate study. During UB’s two centuries of higher education, it has attracted students from across the European continent and worldwide. Its renowned School of Medicine comprising scientific centers, research institutes, and contributions to international cooperation offer a standalone education experience. In detail, the real student stories below offer firsthand insights and reflections about applying to UB with Study Medicine Europe services and student life in Belgrade.

Hear From Nick, First-year medical student, University of Belgrade.

Nick, First-year medical student, University of Belgrade

Why did SME make medicine study in Europe easy for you?

He says that through online research he found SME and knew immediately they were knowledgeable experts in medical school recruitment. “I came across SME looking for options to study medicine in Europe,” he says, “I got in touch with them and they got in contact pretty quickly.”

How did SME simplify the application process to study medicine in Serbia?

“They explained the whole application process,” he says. Emphatically he shares that they oversaw all im-portant essential components of applications. He explains, “They also took care of all the legal papers nota-risation and translation of my documents.”

What support does SME provide for the medical entrance exam for University of Belgrade?

The online portal that SME has is an invaluable study tool for prospective medical students applying to Uni-versity of Belgrade. “They provided us with a portal so we could study for the entrance exam,” he says. “It was equipped with biology, chemistry, and everything needed.”

How did SME assist you with relocation to Serbia for your medical programme?

He says that every part of the move to Serbia as an international student was overseen by SME. In fact, “I got an email a week before arriving to Belgrade,” he says. “It had all the necessary information for my arri-val. They helped me sort out all my tickets and bookings.”

Sabah, First-year medical student, University of Belgrade

Why was the SME recruitment process key to finding the right medical school in Europe?

To begin the process, the SME recruitment team provided needs assessment to match him to a medical programme in Europe. He shares, “The SME agent got back to me and they discussed why I wanted to do medicine what I was really looking for in medicine and from which countries I would be interested in.” Then he says, “After discussion we decided that Serbia was the best choice for me.”

What are the SME arrival services to Serbia like?

“Upon arrival I was greeted by the SME city manager with the SME banner so it’s very easy to see them.” He remembers, “We went for a tour of the city and the campus at which point the city manager also took us to the Head Building at university [and] helped us apply for the enrollment for school.”

How do you describe the process of working with SME to prepare for starting at the University of Belgrade?

Overall the SME team were focused on making every aspect of the move to Serbia and UB effortless for him. He enthuses, “They told me every every document I needed to bring in order to apply to medical school here as well as a student visa.”

What was the SME support like once the medical programme started?

The SME student services are extensive he says, “After starting my enrollment in medical school here, SME provided lots of ongoing support through their online portal.” This is helping support him as he progresses through the curriculum modules, “On the online portal I have access to all the books I need, any study mate-rials I require, as well as some past papers that I can use to help prepare for my exams.”

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