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Academic success supported with personalised student services

Study Medicine Europe is committed to a dynamic, rigorous learning culture that promotes each student’s academic progress that is achieved through continuous support.

While SME supports and monitors every undergraduate/graduate student’s academic progress, individual wellbeing is our organisational priority with a focus on knowing each student and their unique needs upheld via one-on-one check-ins. SME’s team of student advisors connect with each student via Bi-Monthly Follow-Ups over the phone to ensure that their medicine programme, academic success and coursework, university life, and goals are on-track.

SME understands that regardless of their age or whether they’re undertaking an undergraduate/graduate course, the academic journey can have its challenges. At the beginning of a student’s studies, SME connects with students to check in on their adjustment to their university and city as this plays a significant part in their tertiary studies. In the longer term, SME works to ensure that each student can concentrate on their medicine studies and current theoretical modules or clinical rounds. With every Bi-Monthly Follow-Up call, our representative and the student can discuss any type of concerns to work towards relevant support and feasible solutions. As part of this, SME’s role is to reassure and remind each student that their point of contact is just a phone call away with an understanding of their individuals goals, personal needs, and academic progress. The SME community is a network of students, professionals, advisors, and alumni who are part of a big family established on trust and understanding so that their studies, as well as academic career, are truly fulfilling.

Support for life after graduation from the medicine course

To stay on track for graduation, SME provides this range of Support Before Graduation services.

Post-graduation, the same applies, with students able to access a range of resources for Support After Graduation:

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