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The leading medical university in Georgia is New Vision University. Students from all over the world including Australia and Canada seek SME’s services to apply and gain a placement at the university. Learn from students who have relocated to the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi with these testimonial reviews about their experiences studying abroad in this beautiful country!

Watch the full video below and read on for profiles from three current students at NVU in Tibilisi, Georgia

Hear Medicine Students’ Stories About Study & Life at NVU Georgia

Seema is a first-year student studying at New Vision University

How did Study Medicine Europe help with your application?

Seema shared that all aspects of the application were made easy with the SME recruitment services. She says, “Everyone at SME involved with my application process and relocation have been exceptional and incredibly supportive from start to finish.”

How have you found living in Tbilisi, Georgia?

Seema has happily settled into living in Tbilisi since the move there to study at NVU. She says, “Living in Georgia is an amazing experience. The general lifestyle is easygoing and quite relaxing. Food is so cheap and people are so friendly.”

What is the NVU course like?

The medicine course is really exceptional including the teaching faculty said Seema. She shares, “The medicine course is high quality with English-speaking doctors and lecturers, there’s a wide range of elements to the course which I love from lectures to practicals to problem-based learning and in each you learn a new skill set.”

What is your advice for anyone considering the medicine programme after a year of studying abroad?

Seema says that she is so happy with her experience studying medicine at NVU and especially the support of SME. She reflects, “My advice to anyone thinking of studying medicine abroad and going through SME to do it is to go for it. Studying abroad is not as hard as you think SME will support you all the way. It’s been an amazing experience and thanks to SME and New Vision University I’m on my way to becoming a doctor.”

Phoebe is a first-year student studying at New Vision University

What was the process of applying through SME like?

Phoebe reflected on the lead-up to the application and everything happening to the time. She says, “It’s no secret that during the pandemic, things have been a little different this academic year. Despite all odds I can say SME have been a support to me.”

Has it been easy to settle into studying medicine and living in Georgia?

Moving to Tbilisi has been very easy and the safety of the city makes a big difference to being able to enjoy student life, says Phoebe. She shared, “For me this is a nice feeling and it makes it easier to call this place home. I have made lots of new friends as well as having the opportunity to exercise my independence.”

What do you enjoy about studying in Georgia at NVU?

Studying in Georgia at NVU is everything Phoebe hoped it would be and she is even more committed to her career path. She says, “There is a lot to learn to prepare us for our responsibilities as doctors; you will almost always be preparing for exams. Despite this there are certain modules or elements of the course that will make you fall in love with the whole process.”

What is one of your favourite parts about living & studying medicine abroad in Georgia?

Studying medicine in Georgia is an incredible opportunity, Phoebe says. She shares, “For me the best part of this experience has been having my own independence here and living on my own in a beautiful modern apartment.”

Zohairis a first-year student studying at New Vision University

How did SME help with relocating to Georgia?

Zohair said that transitioning to life in Tbilisi from the moment he arrived was made easy thanks to the support of SME. He reflects, “SME relocation manager picked us up from the airport and brought us to our hotel irrespective of the fact that we were not on the scheduled flight for SME students.

What do you most enjoy about living in Georgia?

Zohair is very passionate about the outdoor lifestyle in Georgia and this is a big part of his student life. He shared, I have been able to do activities that I have not been able to before. Georgia has beautiful ski reports and summer beaches that I have enjoyed.”

What was the hardest adjustment to moving to Georgia?

For Zohair, moving abroad to study medicine at NVU Georgia was an easy decision although not without its challenges. He says, “The most difficult part of moving was not knowing what lies ahead and leaving home behind so it was mostly the fear of the unknown. Having said that, I look back at it as a blessing and I’m grateful for the opportunity as in hindsight it was important for personal growth.”

Would you study abroad in Georgia again and how do you find studying there?

Georgia is a place that offers an unforgettable study experience, Zohair shares. He enthuses, “It has honestly been a wonderful experience and I have managed to pick up on skills that would serve me my lifetime.”
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