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Why Study Graduate Entry Medicine at Georgian National University?


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4 years


October & March


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Entry Requirements

BSc Degree

Clinical Rotations

Up to the last 3 years

+ Why Choose Georgian National University?
  • Georgian National University (SEU) is regarded as a modern, progressive university in Tbilisi that has made a major impact on tertiary education in Georgia.
  • The university has nearly 500 faculty members, attracting many visiting professors and participating in extensive international and national associations of academia.
  • SEU is a force for academic transformation in Georgia with new departments and research centres as well as acting as a host for numerous international conferences and public events.
  • SEU has nearly 8,000 students, with its distinctive history, unique values and commitment to collaboration making it a hub for students from all over the world.
  • The university has various exchange programs with European and American universities and the alumni club enables networks to thrive post-graduation.
+ The 4-Year Graduate Entry Medicine Programme
  • The 4-Year Graduate Medicine Programme at Georgian National University is an accelerated programme for candidates with a science-related Bachelor’s Degree (BSc).
  • Those who take the Graduate Entry pathway can accelerate their studies by starting in the third year of the six-year medicine course.
  • The programme is taught in English at SEU in Tbilisi with extensive clinical study and skill development.
  • SEU does not have entry exams for graduates however applicants must submit their analytical academic transcripts from a related degree.
  • Graduate students study for a four year course covering one year of preclinical studies and three years of clinical rotations.
  • Qualified SEU graduates have experience with various inpatient and outpatient settings in hospitals and medical facilities preparing them for a career in the Uk, the USA, Canada, Australia and other countries abroad.
+ How much does the programme cost?
Programme Programme Starts Annual Fees*()
Medicine October & March 5500
Living Costs Monthly () Annually ()
Rent (Private Accommodation) 140280 1,6603,310
Food 170 1,660
Books 210
Electricity & Gas 30 250
Water 3 30
TV Cable/Internet 20 110
Public Transportation 10 100
Total 360490 4,0005,650
+ Admission to Georgian National University
  • Graduate Entry Programmes are available to graduates with a Bachelor’s qualification.
  • Successful Graduate Entry applicants do not sit for entrance exams.
  • For applications, candidates must submit academic transcripts of their Bachelor’s Qualification (or related) in addition to the application documents.
  • + Life in Tbilisi
    • Tbilisi is a stunning city that Lonely Planet has said is “sealing its reputation as the South Caucasus’ most cosmopolitan city”.
    • As a buzzing metropolis, Tbilisi is home to just over 1 million people and one in three Georgians.
    • Despite its many attractions and booming real estate industry, it is still affordable to live and study in Tbilisi while enjoying a pleasant lifestyle.
    • The city has a dramatic valley setting with the picturesque Old Town particularly special thanks to the hills and cliffs it’s situated on.
    • There is something for everyone in Tbilisi with a fantastic food scene, exquisite modern and traditional architecture, and diverse cultural offerings.
    + Life in Georgia
    • Georgia is a safe and friendly country with low crime rates and a plethora of attractions.
    • The landscape and climate are varied thanks to the location in the Caucasus Mountains meaning seasonal activities are always varied and enjoyable.
    • While there are modern attractions, the historical and natural features of Georgia are numerous including Eurasian influences, ski fields and national parks.
    • Georgia is the gateway between Central Asia and Europe which contributes to the fascinating mix of culture, architecture and travel opportunities.
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