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Although Study Medicine Europe does not offer a loan service, our team members are always on the lookout for new options that can help our students to fund their courses. Our team will keep you fully updated on any significant changes regarding student loans in the country of your choosing, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make a smart and informed choice.

If you are interested in getting a student loan, we can apply on your behalf at one of the local financial institutions cooperating with your chosen academic institution that offer this option. With years of cooperation with these financial institutions and having offered such services to numerous students in the past, we can effectively facilitate loan approval if student financing is made available by these financial institutions.

Study Medicine Europe gathers and submits in person all necessary documents, negotiates the type, duration, amount and even the interest rate and the grace period of the loan repayment, after having discussed with each student these details depending on their financial need concerning living expenses and tuition fees. The banks make the final decision as to whether student loans will be approved. Study Medicine Europe has no liability in such cases, as it is the banks who decide what loans they will offer every academic year.

All types of loans that we help students to receive are made available through financial institutions that have signed a Student Loans Agreement with our partner universities in Armenia, Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania that participate in these programmes.

We are aware that each student’s situation is different, so we will take every detail into account when advising on the student loan that’s best for you. We will prepare every piece of documentation that you need for your loan and negotiate all key terms of the loan to suit you. While the ultimate decision on approval of the loan is out of our hands, we will do all we can to help you on the way to getting the student loan.

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