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During their university programme, there may always be a time where students require support regarding finances. Altogether, this may be for financial advice, scholarships, and also loans. Prioritising reliable advice is the number one step for making good choices in these situations.

Get the Latest Updates on Student Loans for Bulgarian Universities

While we don’t provide a loan service, the Study Medicine Europe team are always keeping an ear to the ground for new or updated student financial aid options. Given our decade-long experience, we can keep you up-to-date with any changes regarding Bulgarian student loans to ensure that you have all the information you need to make a choice that’s right for you.

General Information on Student Loans for Bulgarian Universities

Bulgarian financial institutions do not currently offer student loans, although the information below on loans that previously were available could be helpful to anyone looking to study in Bulgaria.

Student loans are provided in Bulgaria’s national currency, the Lev (BGN) and were mostly available solely through local financial institutions who had signed an agreement with the academic institution of your choosing. The decision on making loans available rests with local banks, so Study Medicine Europe carries zero liability on the approval or non-approval of student loans.

Students are not required to repay loans while they are in full-time study and they can avail of a grace period upon conclusion of their studies before they need to begin repaying the loan. Repayments usually involve an annual fixed rate and students who avail of loans are not required to pay any fees, commissions or expenses pertaining to the granting and management of these loans.

The grace period lasts from the end of the loan agreement to the completion of the student’s final state examination or thesis, as per the repayment plan agreed by all parties in the loan agreement. The full loan amount is usually repaid in monthly instalments which begin from the expiry of the grace period. Loan repayments are typically deferred upon enrolling in full-time training for subsequent educational qualifications or scientific degrees, and during each subsequent academic year.

How Study Medicine Europe Can Help You with Student Loans in Bulgaria

Although we do not provide a loans service, we can offer expertise and experience in helping you to negotiate the type and duration of student loans, the maximum loan amount and the duration of the grace period before repayment.

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