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Study Medicine Europe is affiliated with numerous property owners and student housing services abroad. As part of our student services, we have SME representatives based in nearly every University City who can assist students with searching for housing based on their criteria for living, study and location.

After discussing with the student a number of options based on your budget, preferences and lifestyle, SME assists with finding housing in private flats close to campus. An SME representative negotiates the rent and deposit amount as well as reviews the terms of the contract on your behalf, which is invariably in the local language. The student will have the option of viewing the apartments and arranging your accommodation through our online platform before you even relocate to begin your medicine programme. To simplify your living needs, we also help you set up access to the internet and cable TV as well as other essentials, such as a local cell number, at special rates that SME will pre-negotiate for you. Our local SME representatives will explain the terms of the contract which is in a foreign language. All of these services are completed well in advance before your arrival so that you have time to focus on all the other important details that matter: your studies and relocating with minimal impact.

A range of accommodation options including for undergraduate/graduate study

All of the SME affiliate Medical Universities offer on-campus dormitory accommodation that our research shows is generally affordable (some options do not exceed €40 per month). As there can be competition among the wider student population for places, the number of available rooms for foreign students is sometimes limited as the majority of rooms are occupied by local students who may be given priority.

Most of our students, as is the case in general with the majority of international undergraduate/graduate students, prefer to rent or share a private flat near their University, as the cost is also very low at around €130–250 per month, depending on their requirements, and allows them to follow their own distinct lifestyle.

Our ethos is ensuring we support every student to mitigate any stress and confusion related to moving abroad and finding housing, so that you can focus on your tertiary studies as well as getting to know other students and your new city, plus additional requirements including a residency permit and a municipal ID that SME will assist with, too.

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