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Are you ready to pursue your dream medical career? Study Medicine Europe is the foremost medical recruiter for medicine education in Europe, the UK, and the Caribbean Islands. For students from all over the world, their MD dream is now a reality thanks to SME’s expert recruitment team.

The Dream Experience Of Studying Medicine In Europe In Georgia

SME is the leader in longstanding partnerships with medical schools throughout the northern hemisphere. Students planning an international medical career can pursue rigorous clinical training and global medical studies at leading Georgian universities. When students enrol for Georgian medical school training they gain an immediate competitive edge developed in progressive medical institutions. In order to experience medicine and dentistry programme opportunities available in Georgia, students can professionally and confidently apply with SME. In fact, because SME is a recognised representative and university affiliate, students benefit from their experience and institutional process knowledge. With SME’s insights and support, from understanding Georgian medical programmes to setting up life abroad, students are equipped to succeed. Moreover, students benefit from responsive services tailored to their personal needs, goals, and learning preferences. In essence, SME makes student’s pathway to embarking on studying medicine at Georgia’s best medical schools easy and enjoyable.

Learn More About Medical Schools In Georgia in 2022

SME helps students understand the medical schools, programmes, and study settings available in Georgia and throughout Europe. With longstanding, firsthand relationships with these institutions, SME offers personalised advice regarding each university’s curriculum, learning culture, and student life.

For prospective students, SME recruits for leading universities in Georgia including:

Additionally, students can explore further information about all programmes available in Georgia including medicine and dentistry courses.

Firsthand Testimonials From Students Studying Medicine In Georgia With Study Medicine Europe Services

With over 15 years experience in recruitment, application, and studying abroad services, SME delivers an ongoing support team to students. Whether they’re studying medicine or dentistry, or they’ve graduated and are preparing for international medical practice, SME services are available. These testimonials from real students in Georgia in 2022 share how their medical journeys are unfolding, their lives in Tbilisi, and how SME met their needs.

Discover student life at New Vision University in Tbilisi, Georgia:

Discover student life at Caucasus International University in Tbilisi, Georgia:

Why Study Medicine In Georgia

Georgia has long since been at the centre of medical education in Europe. Located in the Caucasus region, their respected history of medical training, multidisciplinary clinical practice, and international collaboration is centuries old. Importantly medical schools in Georgia are part of the Bologna Process and students can also participate in Erasmus+ exchange programmes. Altogether the medical training, research setting and scientific contributions, alumni networks, and schools’ multicultural faculty equips students for international careers.
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