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Undeniably University of Traditional Medicine in Armenia (UTM) is an educational leader in modern medical training. Furthermore with its location in the capital city of Yerevan, UTM is accessible and offers medicine and dentistry. Since becoming fully accredited in the 20th century, UTM has been one of Europe’s foremost medical schools. Additionally the university regularly hosts training with foreign experts, international conferences, and attracts a multicultural faculty with diverse worldwide experience. Not only does this offer students a learning environment that’s established on international cooperation but also it fosters welcoming culture. So prospective candidates can discover more about learning from UTM students, these first-year medicine programme reviews share their stories. Watch these reviews and read on to hear about life on-campus and studying at UTM in Yerevan, Armenia.

Hear From Kannelle R.Y.Y., First-year medical student, University of Traditional Medicine.

KAnnelle R.Y.Y., First-year medical student, University of Traditional Medicine

What was it like applying to UTM with SME services?

SME were helpful with every step of the application process from day one. This made it easy for her, she says, “They told me about all the necessary documents for me to get my application rolling.” Moreover, “They translated all the necessary documents so I did not have to do anything.”

Were there services for your transition to starting your programme and for UTM student life in Armenia?

SME’s support services for preparing to move and relocating to Yerevan for the UTM medicine programme were in place immediately. In fact, “After emailing them they replied to me within 24 hours with an ongoing support team,” she says.

Would you recommend the SME support services for medicine study abroad in Armenia?

Overall, “I think the course is definitely hard and you definitely have to have the willpower to study medicine.” Though it’s “not an easy course”, she did find that she adjusted. Subsequently, “I think after a while adjusting to the new studying…I found it much easier than I expected.”

What is your favourite thing the medical student study experience in Armenia at UTM?

For this student, she has found that there is a special university and local community at UTM and in Yerevan. Emphatically she shares, “One of the best parts about moving to Armenia was definitely finding a new culture.”

Nithin, First-year medical student, University of Traditional Medicine

How did you find out about SME recruitment services for the medicine study programme in Armenia?

For this student, he actually sought family support and received a firsthand recommendation from a sibling. “When I decided to do medicine I spoke with my brother who had experiences with SME,” he says. Moreover, “He had nothing but good things to tell me about the procedure and how easy it was to move abroad so I decided to go through SME as well.”

What was the process for moving to Armenia to study medicine at UTM?

“Three months before the deadline all the admission requirements were sent to me through email,” he remembers. Then he says everything became easy, “So I had a very long time period to get ready and get prepared.”

What is relocating like for international students living in Armenia?

All in all, “I found it very difficult moving away from my parents for the first time,” he says. Even so, “After arriving here making new friends and finding new people to talk to I feel more at ease.”

How has UTM supported you while you study medicine in Armenia?

Studying medicine at UTM has been a really positive learning environment for this student. In reality, “The lecturers are very supportive and very helpful.” The UTM teaching style suits him, “It’s very easy to contact them and they’re very kind and caring towards us.”

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