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Located in Tbilisi, New Vision University (NVU) is one of the foremost medical universities in Georgia. Not only is NVU setting standards for modern medical training in Europe but also it attracts thousands of international students. Currently NVU offers medicine and dentistry programmes for undergraduate and graduate students. Learn from 2022 NVU students who are studying on-campus and sharing their unique medical studies journey in reviews below.

Hear From Khurram, First-year medical student, New Vision University.

Khurram, First-year medical student, New Vision University

Did SME help you apply for more than one university?

Without a doubt SME information services created a positive foundation for success, “SME helped me to find the best university which suits my personality requirements.” Emphatically he reflects, “Their team is highly professional. They help me throughout the whole process from choosing right University to relocating to Georgia.”

What was your SME preparation services for handling official requirements for studying in Georgia?

The application process was overseen with professionalism so he didn’t have any extra stress he says, “All I did was give them my documents and they dealt with all formalities they kept me updated throughout the whole process.” Then their support team for Getting There provided ongoing help, “Once I got my acceptance letter they guided me how to pay my tuition fees apply for my Visa and help me gather the right documents for Visa process.”

Do you recommend the medicine study pathway in Georgia with SME services?

He explains that the only way to describe his journey to medical school with SME is truly, “My experience with SME has been wonderful”.

Annamma, First-year medical student, New Vision University

What were the on-the-ground SME services on-arrival in Georgia?

She felt comfortable from the moment she arrived thanks to SME’s ground arrivals team. She remembers, “Once I reached Tbilisi airport I met a wonderful guy named Iraqi who showed us where I can buy the SIM card from my phone and help me set up my Georgia number which I would have found it difficult if I was alone.”

How did the SME team help you find student accommodation for Georgia?

The local Georgian representative helped her find the ideal student residence for NVU study, “He gave me numbers to real estate agents in order to find apartments got a beautiful place with lower price which is also close to my university.”

Did SME services make your experience moving to Georgia for the NVU programme easy?

Without question they made her medical school experience a breeze, “I would certainly recommend SME to my friends and family member. I had a pleasure working with them.”

Neilan, First-year medical student, New Vision

What is your advice for students considering applying for medicine study in Georgia with SME services?

That the NVU medical programme experience is highly recommended. He attests, “NVU is truly every potential Medical School student’s dream.” Especially the NVU faculty play a huge role in the study experience, “I have to say I truly appreciate the spectacular effort from the NVU staff.”

How did SME make your dream of medicine study possible?

He says that SME’s support services created a strong foundation for application success, “From the very get-go SME has been like a rock for me throughout this whole process.” He shares, “They applied to and got me accepted in multiple universities but even beyond that point they didn’t stop with the support.”

What SME services have helped you stay focused on your medicine programme?

He says that above all he felt like he had comprehensive support at all times while applying, relocating, and studying. Therefore it freed him to enjoy and be present in his programme, “Always know that no matter what SME will be there to help you solve your problems so that you can focus on what’s important learning to be the best doctor you can be.”
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